March 9, 2021

Princess Mako visited Peru to celebrate 120 years of Japanese immigration

Princess Mako of Japan, niece of Emperor Naruhito, visited Peru this Wednesday for the commemorations for 120 years of Japanese immigration, one of the most numerous and important communities in the history of the Andean country.

"For me it is a great joy to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Peru, here in Lima, participating in this ceremony with all of you gathered from various regions," said Mako during a brief speech offered at the Peruvian Association Japanese (APJ).

The princess of the Japanese royal house received the greeting of the Japanese community in Lima, who entertained her with typical dances from Peru and Japan, at the headquarters of the APJ, located in the district of Jesus Maria.

The first Japanese immigrants were a group of 790 men, hired to work in the field, who arrived on the boat Sakura Maru in 1899 and who were increasing with other groups of workers in the following years.

"They say that the Japanese descendants have reached 100,000 people (in Peru) and all generations are fully deploying their activities in various fields," Mako added about this large community, established especially on the Peruvian coast.

"I will not forget that the Japanese immigrants who arrived in Peru and their descendants had solid roots in Peruvian society, supporting each other and overcoming innumerable difficulties, working diligently and faithfully to establish themselves," he said.

Before arriving at the meeting with the Nikkei community, the princess placed a wreath on the centennial memorial of Japanese immigration to Peru, and also visited the La Union school and the La Unión Stadium Association, which are centers of study and recreation of the Japanese descendants in Lima.

"It has given me great joy to know that these establishments symbolize the unity of the Nikkei community and that cultural and social activities have been carried out for a long time, including the dissemination of sports, language and Japanese culture," he said. Mako

The princess thanked, on behalf of her country, the Peruvians who welcomed the first immigrants in this country and extended her "profound respect" to all those who migrated from Japan and their descendants "for their contributions to Peruvian society, through of numerous efforts, maintaining values ​​such as honesty, sincerity, industriousness and responsibility ".

He also thanked Peru for the invitation to know the Andean nation, which was the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to establish diplomatic relations with Japan.

The president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, will receive Princess Mako tomorrow at the Government Palace in a private audience and later the visitor will travel to Cusco, in the southeast of the country, to know the archaeological citadel of Machu Picchu and other historical attractions in that region Andean

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