October 24, 2020

Princess Eleanor appeals to keep hope

The Princess, during her speech.

The Princess, during her speech.

A year has passed since the Princess Eleanor premiered in Princess of Asturias Awards. A year in which everything has changed because of coronavirus and in which the Awards have had to adapt to be able to deliver their awards this Friday in a small ceremony at the Hotel de la Reconquista. A effort that has been recognized by the heir to the Crown, who wanted to begin his speech by thanking the Foundation for its work, on the 40th anniversary of its birth, and reaffirming its commitment to Asturias, a bond that grows “strong and solid.” The Princess focused part of her speech on appealing to the responsibility of her generation to “ensure a better future for us.”

Despite the change of location, and in the midst of great security measures, Leonor has once again addressed Asturians with a message of unity and optimism for the future. “We have to adapt to these new circumstances, always with the hope that everything will improve”, a teaching that, he admits, has learned when returning to the classroom after months without school.

Leonor, what has recognized that the pandemic “has altered our lives in many ways”, He wanted to have some heartfelt words for the victims of the coronavirus. “My most respectful memory is always for the people who have passed away from the covid-19 and for their families. And also for those who suffer from the disease right now “, he asserted.

Despite his 15 years, Leonor has defended the sense of responsibility of her generation, a responsibility to which he has also appealed to “never forget the people around us, who love us and whom we love”, keys to ensuring a better future.

The Princess stressed the importance of solidarity and praised the values ​​of the winners, “an example of how to face difficulties”. “With your extraordinary work and talent, you lead the way, we have much to learn from you“, he added. before ending, recalling that the Awards” are a recognition for those who, with their dedication, work tirelessly to achieve, together, the progress and well-being of the whole society. ”


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