April 15, 2021

Prince Henry only wants to have two children for the sake of the planet

Prince Henry, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of England, has admitted to the prestigious British primatologist Jane Goodall who wants to have, at most, two children to protect the planet from the current problem of climate change.

The Duke of Sussex made that statement in a conversation to be published in the September issue of Vogue fashion magazine in the United Kingdom, whose edition was in charge of Meghan Markle, the prince's wife, and whose objective was to highlight the activity of women who "break barriers."

Enrique acknowledged that he sees the world of nature with other eyes since the birth of his son, Archie, on May 6, and, when asked by Goodall how many children he wanted to have with the Duchess of Sussex, Enrique replied: "Two, maximum".

In the dialogue, the prince – son of the Prince of Wales and the late Diana of Wales – expressed concern about the consequences for the planet of humanity's behavior.

"What we need to remind everyone is: these are things that are happening now. We are already living them," said Enrique, who described as "frightening" what is happening with the weather.

His "love for nature" responds, he stressed, to the people he has known and the places in the world he has been able to visit.

For its part, the primatologist commented to the prince that it is "crazy to think that we have unlimited economic development on a planet with limited natural resources."

"There is a lot of violence, war and suffering in today's world, but we are part of a natural world and, if we cannot learn to live in harmony with it, then this will get worse," Goodall added as he reflected on the problem of climate change.

Goodall is considered the largest expert in chimpanzees and is known for her study of the social interactions of these wild animals in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania.

The Duchess of Sussex has been the "guest director" of the September issue of Vogue, considered the most important of the year because she announces the autumn-winter collection.

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