May 17, 2021

Prince Boateng: "It was not a good decision to go to Bara" – La Provincia

The former of the UD Las Palmas, Kevin-Prince BoatengHe acknowledged in an interview with the German newspaper 'Sport Bild' that his time at Camp Nou was a mistake. "" To be honest, for my football career it was not a good decision to go to Barcelona. I barely played, I wasn't behind Luis Suarez but behind, behind, behind Suarez. I couldn't wait to play again. I had to strive not to break mentally. "

Boateng, who hardly played a role in the club culé, also analyzed the situation of Dembélé. "There are players who are late to challenge. But he is not. He is like a small child. He earns a lot of money, everything he does is public. You have to direct him in the right direction. If he doesn't learn, then it's his fault. For me, he is still a small child thrown into this huge group, into a giant pool. It cost 150 million does not even know how everything works. He just wants to play football, " commented the Fiorentina player.

According to Boateng, there should be a check on football salaries: "The problem, and not only with Dembélé, is that they receive too much money. It cannot be that an 18-year-old man earns four million net a year. And if he earns it, that money must be invested at the moment so that he sees it as little as possible. "

Moreover, the examarillo praised the qualities of Lionel messi. "It's a phenomenon. It's not human. Neither he nor Cristiano Ronaldo they are. They are aliens, "he said.

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