primes a “bomb” on an alleged infidelity to Anabel Pantoja and there was no evidence

This Wednesday Save me‘scored a season record. The space achieved a 20.4% and 1,841,000 viewers in its ‘orange’ edition, that is, 5 points more than on Monday. And this was achieved by prime a “pump” Of which they were informing their collaborators little by little, creating even more expectation.

We had the rundown ready, but some information has just arrived… And it may break “, he commented Jorge Javier Vazquez at the beginning of the program. The presenter took to the VIP room Belén Esteban already Kiko Hernandez to tell them in petit committee what information had reached the program.

The collaborator was so impressed that she ended up crying live. “One is going to roll … I thought it could belong to anyone except these protagonists. Especially for a person, whom I love very much. It seems like a very fat bitch to me “, expressed Belén Esteban through tears, so all eyes pointed to Anabel Pantoja placeholder image, who recently married Omar Sanchez, the alleged perpetrator of “disloyalty”.

The program claimed that there were “six videos” in which an infidelity was seen. “Today we are going to solve it, we are going to broadcast the videos that have reached us. We have two, but there are six,” they commented. However, the only video that the program finally aired did not reveal anything of the kind.

Finally, Belén Esteban took the issue away: “I have spoken with Anabel and I have remained very calm. They were in an area of ​​the Canary Islands with many discos. She knows it was that day. “From the program they assured that they were negotiating with the author of said videos their possible broadcast, to which the gathering complained:”How long can they spend with me giving you the video or not giving you the video? Here we spend a month pulling the ‘It can be’“.

“Anabel is going to collapse”

“We are making history in Sálvame. Neither initials nor anything. Chicha”, advanced Jorge Javier. “It is an alleged disloyalty of Omar to his wife“.

Yes, the presenter did not advance whether this disloyalty would be before or after the wedding, held on October 1 in La Graciosa.

Belén Esteban couldn’t believe the bombshell news unveiled on set. “I am very sorry. Anabel’s life is going to fall apart“, she said, unable to hold back her tears.

Lydia lozano, for his part, was also present. “I’m very surprised, nothing fits me. I don’t fit this person and especially now. I don’t know, we may have been fooled, but if we were

At the moment Anabel Pantoja is very calm and fully trusts her husband, whom she married a few days ago on the island of La Graciosa in Gran Canaria.


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