August 4, 2020

Prices barely rise 0.1% in September, the lowest rise since August 2016



Prices have dropped two tenths in September, and has been located at 0.1%, the lowest level since August 2016. The monthly variation of the general index is 0.0%. For its part, the Harmonized Consumer Price Index (HICP) has been at an annual rate of 0.2%, two tenths lower than that of August.

The interannual CPI has fallen in all the autonomous communities in September, except Balearics Y Canary Islands, where they have remained. The largest price decline has taken place in Extramadura where four tenths have fallen. For its part, Murcia Y Basque Country they are the communities where the rate has fallen the least, with a decline of just one tenth.

On the other hand, if we compare September with August of this year, prices have not changed (0.0%). It is already three consecutive months in which the inter-monthly rates are negative or zero.

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