June 14, 2021

Preventive quarantines due to coronavirus will be considered work leave | Economy

Social Security has clarified what happens with workers affected by coronavirus preventive quarantines. In a criterion that has been disclosed in his Twitter account, the ministry directed by José Luis Escrivá has pointed out that “periods of preventive isolation […] they will be considered as a situation of temporary incapacity derived from common illness “, thus confirming information advanced by The confidential.

This means that the affected person will have the same type of leave as that caused by diseases such as the flu or any other not caused by labor issues. This means that during the first three days the worker receives 100% of his salary, from the fourth he would receive 60% of his salary. regulatory base (an amount slightly below salary) and, if the situation continues for more than 21 days. the employee goes on to charge 75% of this base. When the leave comes due to an accident or an occupational disease, the affected person charges 75% of the regulatory base from the first day.

Being treated as a common illness, the first three days of leave of the worker in which he receives 100% of the salary are borne by the company. From the fourth, the National Social Security Institute or the corresponding Social Security collaborating mutual company will pay it.

The criterion of the General Directorate of Social Security Organization copies the decree that It was issued in May 2009 by bird flu. The tweet now disclosed by the ministry has practically the same text as 11 years ago.


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