June 15, 2021

'Presumed guilty': Two mothers confronted by a disappearance | TV

'Presumed guilty': Two mothers confronted by a disappearance | TV

During the filming of Alleged guilty, the actors made the same pools that the spectators have made during the series broadcast about who could be the killer of Anne Otxoa. Those responsible for the fiction preferred that the cast live the same uncertainty as their characters about what had happened with the girl who, after an argument with her boyfriend Jon Arístegui (Miguel Ángel Muñoz), disappeared without a trace. The fiction of Antena 3 concludes tomorrow (22.40) and solves this puzzle that has had as protagonists two Basque families headed by two matriarchs before friends and now confronted.

"The character of Begoña is a bonbon," Susi Sánchez tells EL PAÍS about her role, the mother of the protagonist, Jon Arístegui, still one of the main suspects in the disappearance of his girlfriend. "Both Begoña and Amaia are two courageous mothers who defend their families as lionesses, strong women who represent the spirit of the woman from the north," adds the actress. Even so, she considers that her character is more fragile than she seems in principle, "although she hides that fragility so that they do not damage her".

Elvira Mínguez has been in charge of giving life to Amaia, the mother of the missing Anne Otxoa. Of his character, highlights its strength and the contradictions it presents. Both interpreters had already agreed on other projects, such as the recent film The invisible guardian (2017). But they had not coincided on the screen until now. "We have a very similar way of understanding work, we let one of them take care of the other, we contribute a lot to each other," says Mínguez.

For the preparation of their characters, the writers recommended the actresses read Homeland, a novel by Fernando Aramburu that HBO Spain will take to television and that also focuses on two feuding women (Bittori and Miren), with whom Begoña and Amaia have similarities. However, although he recognizes elements of Miren in Amaia, Mínguez sees another clear reference for Alleged guilty: Shakespeare. "Romeo and Juliet He also talks about two confronting families in which their children live a love story, with different circumstances in each case, "he summarizes.

Alleged guilty It has more similarities with Homeland in addition to the two strong female characters, such as the presence of ETA terrorism in its plot, although in the series it has only been tangential and in the novel it is at the center of the story. "At no time has the word ETA been used, because it was pointing too much, although everyone knows what is being talked about," says Sánchez. "In the time in which the story goes, everything about ETA has already happened, but there are prisoners in the prisons and it has left a very important grave", continues the actress, whose character and her family have suffered terrorism as an objective of extortion and an attack. On the other hand, the character of Elvira Mínguez has a child imprisoned for terrorism offenses: "That woman was going to defend her son with teeth and teeth." The series does not enter into the ideological question, which is much more present in Homeland"

Tomorrow, questions about the culprit will be answered. Susi Sánchez and Elvira Mínguez also tried to guess it. "They did not tell us, I think that in the end it was good so that no suspicious look or anything escaped," says Sánchez. Mínguez took it worse: "I am not in favor of doing this with the actors, it is denying them a part of the material they have to work with, I only asked them to at least tell me if it was not me, to be able to do my job ", remember. Mínguez made his bet to five chapters of the end and guessed right with the culprit. Sanchez, who claims that he even suspected the village priest, learned when he heard a comment from one of the directors when the end of filming approached. From the series they assure that between all the theories that circulate by networks, there is a person that has guessed right with the solution. Tomorrow, the definitive answer.

The formal and narrative proposal

In Alleged guilty, shot largely in the Basque Country, have highlighted landscapes and photography, a work that indicates Susi Sánchez. "It's almost another character in the series, that unpleasant weather, the rain, the freezing wind, the temperatures that made us … is a reflection of the internal revolution that the characters are living," he summarizes.

The puzzle of the series has been completed with pieces from the past that were shown to the viewer through flashbacks, whose use Elvira Mínguez remarked: "Making the public enter that code in a way that would accept it and become something habitual in the narrative seemed very risky to me, but seeing it as a spectator has surprised me a lot how it is included in the fabric of the series ", completes the actress.


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