March 3, 2021

Pressure decreases in the Insular ICU after the discharge of five patients

Several people with masks on Triana street.  |  |  JUAN CASTRO

Several people with masks on Triana street. | | JUAN CASTRO

The pressure in the Intensive Medicine Unit (IMU) of the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria decreased significantly during the day yesterday, after five patients, three of them suffering from Covid-19, were discharged. This has meant that the space has five free beds out of the 32 that mark its total capacity, because despite the fact that in the late afternoon an infected person entered, since Sunday, one had been reserved of them for the possible arrival of a patient infected by the pathogen.

It should be remembered that it was last Thursday when the increase in the number of patients affected by the virus led specialists to start making use of the Awakening area to be able to treat people who need intensive care due to the effects caused by pathologies that do not keep link to coronavirus. A scenario that, as indicated by the Insular, corresponds to level 3 of the contingency plan.

The situation got complicated over the weekend. In fact, already on Saturday, the ICU of the Gran Canaria complex was overflowing and there were 18 patients with the SARS-CoV-2 infection. Now, with the figure reduced to 16, the hospital has more room to take on new admissions.

However, taking into account that the context can change from one moment to the next, professionals have preferred to leave the people who were transferred to the Awakening area in the same place where they are and allocate two of the beds that now They are free in intensive to the new entrances of patients without covid, in order to also avoid the collapse in this area.

Until the end of last day, there were four people admitted to Awakening, and another critical patient occupying a bed in Resuscitation, a space to which he was referred due to the complexity of his health condition.

Likewise, since last Tuesday, the reference health center in the southern area of ​​Gran Canaria has not received new patients with Covid-19 from Lanzarote, so only two have been transferred from the island of Conejera. According to hospital sources, the forecasts suggest that one of them may move to the plant in the coming days.

Based on the data released by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, the Archipelago yesterday added 189 infections of the infection over the course of 24 hours and lamented one death in El Hierro. The deceased, an 87-year-old male, was affected by previous ailments and remained admitted to the island’s hospital.

The region, which has registered a total of 562 deaths due to complications caused by Covid-19, has a total of 6,931 people currently infected by the virus. Of these, 86 are admitted to intensive care units and 297 are in the hospital ward. The rest recover in their homes in solitary confinement. On the contrary, 31,136 citizens have been discharged since the start of the pandemic.

Regarding the new positive cases, Tenerife added 74 more yesterday, bringing its total to 16,224, although 2,243 remain epidemiologically active. In Gran Canaria another 86 infections were located with which the general count rises to 15,791 on the island where 3,926 people are still infected with SARS-CoV-2. This means that 57% of the patients in the entire Archipelago are concentrated in its territory.

Lanzarote registered 18 new positive diagnoses more than the previous day that put its accumulated figure at 4,250, with 505 ongoing cases still on the island. Fuerteventura, for its part, has a total of 1,513 cases when adding another eight in the last 24 hours, so its assets become 132.

La Palma added three infections and has 375 accumulated and 26 active cases. El Hierro, however, did not count new cases, so its count remains at 267, of which 97 are still pending medical discharge – of which 83 correspond to migrants, which do not affect the reports regarding the update of the alert level of the island. La Gomera continues to be the only island territory free of covid and maintains its global figure at 209, as there are no new cases.

On the other hand, Health reported yesterday that a Covid-19 outbreak has been registered in the Hospital Insular de Lanzarote, with three people affected. Two of them are patients who remain admitted to the short-stay unit and both are kept isolated, without having been transferred to the José Molina Orosa Hospital since they present mild symptoms and do not require special requirements.


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