President Zelenskiy, first season | TV

It is not unusual for an actor to take advantage of his popularity to pursue a political career with her. There are Ronald Reagan or Toni Cantó, for example. What is strange is that they do it without a network, without climbing on any ideological apparatus or tradition, and with their only name by flag. That is what is happening in Ukraine, where Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been the most voted in the first round of the presidential. The power is almost touching, it lacks the push of the second round.

They say that Zelenskiy has neither an acronym nor political experience, but it's not true: according to, He has been presiding over Ukraine for two seasons in fiction, as protagonist (and producer) of The village server. In this series, with which he destroyed the audimeters before sweeping the ballot boxes, he plays Vasiliy Petrovich Goloborodko, a peaceful and anodyne school teacher who becomes president of the country to end corruption and the privileges of the caste that vampirizes power.

Who voted for the Ukrainians, the person or the character? Perhaps, fed up with reality, they have been entrusted to a fictional hero. The identification of the public with the characters is so strong that, often, those who have been villains have to hide from the fury of the people who cross them in the street. Jack Gleeson, who played the sadistic Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones, He almost had to go out to dinner with an escort, scared by the threats and insults he received.

Or perhaps it is Zelenskiy himself who, affected by the same syndrome that led Bela Lugosi to believe himself Dracula, has decided that running a country can not be much more difficult than pretending to direct him (and some reason can lead: a good part of the activity of a politician consists in interpreting a role). Both hypotheses are equally disturbing and lead to an explosive disappointment: what will happen when the Ukrainians discover that their president and the TV character are different things? And how will Zelenskiy do when he can not order his writers to rewrite the plots? The outcome, soon on their screens.


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