July 25, 2021

President Salvamento criticizes political action in the face of drowning deaths

President Salvamento criticizes political action in the face of drowning deaths

The president of the Royal Spanish Salvage and Lifeguard Federation, Isabel García, criticized today that the action of politicians facing drowning deaths is limited to being "sorry" and "sorry" when a tragedy like Sant Llorenç occurs, At mallorca.

García regretted that in cases such as those in Mallorca, politicians will show their condolences and that no one will respond for measures that were not adopted at the time or adopted later.

"They will not do anything," he said, "as nothing they have been doing for years to prevent this year in which we are, despite the decrease in fatalities in our aquatic spaces by the delay of the start of the season of good weather, have lost an average life of more than one person a day in them ".

The leader of the Federation has made these statements in Malaga, during the presentation of the Second International Congress of Drowning Prevention that will gather from tomorrow to Sunday in the town of Benalmádena to more than two hundred specialists in this field.

He has stressed that the loss of human lives in aquatic spaces is a public health problem, citizen and economic security, "where current legislation is ridiculous and autonomies have different regulations that municipalities apply at will."

Concerning the congress, he stressed that the participation, with more than two hundred attendees from sixteen countries, duplicates the one that was in the first edition, held in Motril (Granada) in October 2016, as detailed by the organization in a statement.

The meeting, which Garcia has defined as "the most important meeting on the prevention of drownings held in Spain," has been organized around eight thematic areas.

The planned program has highlighted a round table on the different visions of migration and refugees and a talk between a specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology at a referral center in spinal cord injuries and a young victim of an accident in an aquatic space that had as a consequence one of these injuries.

There will also be a contest on pulmonary resuscitation that will reward the execution of the best maneuvers among professionals who will attend the sessions.


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