August 4, 2020

President of Mexico says his government will not agree with crime

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed this Saturday that his government will not deal with crime or be intimidated and will act to avoid attacks such as the one that occurred against the chief of the Mexico City police.

“We are not going to make any agreement with organized crime, as it was before; there is a border, there is a limit, a painted line,” the Mexican president said in a message released on his social media account.

He added that in his government “we are not going to declare war on anyone, we are not going to use these slogans, we are not going to violate human rights, they are not going to allow massacres, but we are going to act and avoid these attacks “

The head of the Mexico City police, Omar García Harfush, was wounded and is already recovering satisfactorily from the attack, in which two of his bodyguards and a woman who was passing with his family in a car died at the time of the attack.

He pointed out that now instead of spying on opponents, the government uses the intelligence apparatus to prevent attacks such as the one that occurred against the chief of the Mexico City police, who therefore had a “more resistant vehicle, to face any aggression and was walking more attentive, more cautious. “

The Mexican authorities have arrested 19 people in connection with this attack, which they attribute to the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), one of the most violent in the country.

López Obrador affirmed that “authority is one thing and crime is another, hopefully it will be understood”, recognizing that “we are afraid, like all human beings”, although there is an important difference: we are not cowards “.

The president assured that in the case of violence “we are applied” and the causes are addressed, and guaranteed that it will continue until peace and tranquility can be achieved with rectitude and calling on everyone to behave well to achieve a better society.

López Obrador pointed out that the first thing is that young people do not see the need to take the path of antisocial behavior, for which they must have study and work opportunities. to remove “bases of support for criminals” and that the hiring not be promoted.

He expressed his confidence that the situation in the country has to improve and noted that his government works to serve young people and reaches out to them so that they have job opportunities and are forced to take the path of crime.

López Obrador commented that in addition to the attack on the police chief, the week was difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic and the 7.4-magnitude earthquake last Tuesday.

“This week was difficult because not only did we continue with the pandemic, which fortunately is decreasing, little, but falling; we also faced the tremor, the earthquake, human lives were lost, the damage was not so serious,” he said.


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