President Ceuta will ask the State for measures to "pressure" the border

The president of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas (PP), said today that he will ask the State for a series of measures to end the "pressure" suffered by the city on the border with Morocco for the prohibitions and restrictions that will be made The Moroccan Government.

In a statement from the Ceuta Government, the president of the City, Juan Vivas, has advanced this request at the end of his meeting held in Malaga with the president of Melilla, Eduardo de Castro (C's), to respond to the "pressure that Ceuta is suffering from the other side of the border. "

This pressure occurs "both in reference to the attempts of the authorities of the neighboring country to asphyxiate the city economically and to the massive arrival, in recent months, of Moroccan immigrants, both adults and minors."

Speaking to journalists, the president stressed that this proposal, which has been working for several weeks, is "fully justified given the current situation" and that, in any case, it will not be an exclusive document of the City Government or of the Assembly, but of the whole of the Ceuta society, "because it is a document that will have strength if it is backed by citizenship," he said.

The proposal contemplates, among other measures, that the Ceuta border is comparable to the rest of the external borders of the European Union, and that the current exception contemplated in the Schengen Treaty, which allows the entry of Moroccan citizens residing in the province, be eliminated from Tetouan without the need for a consular visa.

In this way, the Ceuta president predicts that the migratory pressure that Ceuta supports will be considerably relieved. "We want a modern, secure, well-equipped border that works as such, that is, like any other EU border," he said.

Another of the measures that will be included in the proposal will be to replace cross-border labor by citizens residing in Ceuta who are unemployed, applying "strictly" the labor contracting regulations for cross-border workers "and that there are no exceptions to the general rule. "

Likewise, the proposal will include the elaboration of a contingency plan, with State funding, for companies and workers that have been "fully affected by the current blockade situation", especially those of the commercial sector, "which has been and It is a fundamental pillar of our economy, "he said.

Likewise, a substantial reduction in taxation will be requested "with the support or consent of the Government of the Nation, reducing the tax burden that, in the import section, trade bears".

For Vivas, it is an initiative that "if consummated, will make local businesses more competitive, will retain domestic demand and could attract that of the peninsula, in this case, accompanied by another bold measure, which is to lower the price of the boat ticket for non-residents traveling to Ceuta on weekends. "

And as for unaccompanied minors, the request to the Government of the Nation to demand that Morocco comply with the family reunification agreement signed between both countries, "and therefore, collaborate in the return of these minors to their country".

That proposal, which gives continuity to the letter that was sent to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on January 23, will be finalized in the next few days.

"It will not go against anyone and yes in favor of Ceuta and the future of all," insisted the president, who also remembers that "audacity" is necessary and that the initiative is not intended to be a definitive or closed approach and will be subjected to analysis " for its enrichment "of socio-economic agents and political forces.


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