March 2, 2021

President Ceuta says 75% of extra state money will go to immigrants

The president of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas (PP), today highlighted that 75% of the money that is granted to Ceuta from the extraordinary fund of 300 million to attend to contingencies related to the coronavirus, will be for the attention of irregular immigration.

In statements provided by the Government of Ceuta, Juan Jesús Vivas has asked the Government of the Nation to take this situation into account and not stop serving other vulnerable groups with that money “because Ceuta is under pressure from Moroccan immigrants who are not corresponds to our response capabilities. “

Vivas has indicated that he hopes that the State “compensates the City for the resources that we are going to allocate to irregular immigration of Moroccan adults and minors because we think that this extra money should go to the Ceuta.”

In addition, he also recalled that in 2019 the City stopped receiving 35% of the finalist aid valued at 7.2 million euros, which will make the closing of that year a deficit, making it impossible to access the other fund contemplated to face the social expenses derived from the pandemic.

Juan Vivas has also asked the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, to consider the possibility that the Center for Social Insertion, which is in the Loma Mendizábal prison complex, can be used for emergency situations, “because it can function efficiently. autonomous to serve about 150 people and because it has a different access than the rest of the prison complex. “

The president of Ceuta has once again appealed in his speech that all Spaniards “have the same level of assistance and protection” and added that it is time “for courage to resist and courage, for which reason I appeal to social maturity for comply with the rules and people stay home because together we will defeat this enemy. ”


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