September 23, 2020

Presentation of ‘The manuscript of Ins’ at Club La Provincia – La Provincia

This is the programming of The Province Club for the week of February 2 to March 8


Wednesday, March 4, at 8:00 p.m.

Presentation of ‘The Inés manuscript’ (Beginbook Editions, 2020), a work of Sevillian writer Anan Chaceta where an EGB teacher, reserved and lonely, meets a new friendship, Candela, who turns her life around. Candela is the opposite pole of Ines, her joy and carelessness will fill the loneliness of her new friend. She is a nurse by devotion and a vocation traveler. Every time his work allows it, he undertakes a trip that he then tells Inés in great detail. The emphasis that Candela places on his stories means that Inés is always expectant and receptive, and this gave rise to Inés to write the experiences of her friend. He didn’t want anything special, for Inés it was something different and to get out of his usual monotony, for Candela one more adventure. They never thought, neither of them, what would be the consequences of this decision.


Friday, March 6, at 8:00 p.m.

Inauguration of an exhibition of the Canary Association of Watercolorists, a sample in which the group reveals its mastery with watercolor when it comes to bringing landscapes, everyday objects or urban scenes to the canvas. The artists participate Adolfo Moreno Calvo, Antonia Mendoza Moreno, Antonio Pérez Rodríguez, Aurora Jiménez Suarez, Fermín Rivero Déniz Y Federico del Castillo Gimeno.


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