Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Presentation of the book "Dismantling the perfect crime" by Mayka Navarro

Mayka Navarro, event editor of The vanguard, presented yesterday the book "Dismantling the perfect crime." Navarro reconstructs the case of the woman from 36 years which, on February 21, 2008, was found dead in a rental apartment in Gràcia, naked on a sofa and with a plastic bag on his head.

Navarro makes some references to the former head of the Mossos, Josep Lluís Trapero

When asked about the veracity From the book, the journalist assured that she absolutely adheres to the real facts. As regards the fiction part, Navarro argued that "in some cases, I have changed the name of the character to preserve his identity, as in the case of Angi's husband or daughter."

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