Prensa Ibérica presents today ‘El Periódico de España’ with a great event in Madrid

The editorial staff of 'El Periódico de España', from Prensa Ibérica, in Madrid.  |  |  THE PROVINCE / DLP

The editorial staff of ‘El Periódico de España’, from Prensa Ibérica, in Madrid. | | THE PROVINCE / DLP

El Periódico de España is born, the new printed and digital newspaper with national coverage that will allow the company chaired by Javier Moll to make the leap to Madrid after consolidating itself as the leading group of regional and local information in Spain. Directed by journalist Fernando Garea and from a firm commitment to quality information, the new newspaper is called upon to contribute to the territorial structuring and progress of our society. El Periódico de España arrives in 2021 to account for the change in the cycle that has opened in the country and to accompany the political, social and economic transformations that are beginning to emerge. At a time when the territories are demanding to have more voice; when some flags turn into consensus values; When political options grow and dialogue is a pressing need, a newspaper appears to pick up the sign of the new times.

Proofs of the page design of ‘El Periódico de España’. | | THE PROVINCE / DLP

A project that will work for democracy from rigor, but also from the defense of equality, plurality and freedom through its pages. Some principles that already appear in our Constitution and that, far from losing their validity, have become more necessary than ever, at a difficult time for cohesion and political stability, but where common struggles and a social conscience have emerged towards current priority issues. like sustainability or women’s rights.

This commitment of Prensa Ibérica, the editorial group of the newspaper EL DÍA, for national information comes at a historic moment. This October 12, the day of the National Holiday, El Periódico de España hits the streets, which makes its way a year and a half after the pandemic broke all known schemes, from health to scientific through economic.

The new headline will be a witness and speaker of the milestones in this change of cycle and will be a pioneer in the way of doing it: through an unprecedented experience in the journalistic world, with a project that, instead of being implanted in Madrid and making its way to Through delegations, it has previously had an established territorial roots and an important network of headwaters throughout the country. A newspaper that was born with a vocation to listen and that aims to give a voice to the information that remains outside the capital, taking advantage of all the potential offered by the group of journalists of the group, made up of more than 1,200 professionals. A team that, from different boats, will row to offer a quality newspaper and will allow to illuminate a new product.

Informative reference

The El Periódico de España team will work for information above any other field and beyond any interest, with independence and rigor, and focusing the work of journalists on providing exclusives, firsts and their own approaches. The objective is to offer the reader an added value that transcends the present. All this without giving up the last hour, an essential element for this newspaper, which has a powerful team to narrate live what happens at all times.

One of the main challenges of the new medium will consist precisely in telling the news before, but also in making a difference in how: to do it in an original way, surprising the reader, generating interest and opening new sources of discussion in public life. The journalistic approach in the background will pivot on a second gear that allows editors to break free from the dictatorship of immediacy and focus on why: what happens when everything is happening, and what will happen when the present still seems uncertain .

The new medium will also have a paper version, for sale at newsstands in Madrid from Monday to Friday, and the content produced in the newsroom will also be able to be read on the pages of the group’s 24 headlines. Faced with the speed of information, the priority will be to deliver news that marks the future, turning paper into a place to return to.

With its newsroom in the center of the capital, close to Cibeles and the Congress of Deputies, El Periódico de España seeks to be a meeting place. For this, a platform has been implemented that allows content to be shared from the 25 newsrooms of Prensa Ibérica with the aim of getting the most out of journalistic work. These synergies will allow the exchange of valuable information from the different territories.


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