July 29, 2021

Premiere of the new Nacho Vegas video clip | Culture

Premiere of the new Nacho Vegas video clip | Culture

# LaLltimaAtrocidadFilm is the new video of The last atrocity, one of the most acclaimed songs of the last work of Nacho Vegas, Violética (Marxophone, 2018) and in which Cristina Martínez de El Columpio Asesino sings. This video, which EL PAÍS premieres exclusively, has been made by the filmmaker and documentary maker Jo Sol and stars Arantzazu Ruiz, Adriá Olay, Ivy de Luna, Mimfx Punk, Patricia Carmona, Glü Wur, Elena Prous, Joan Casaoliva Calvo and Sendoa Quijada.

Its director, Jo Sol, explains this way # LaLltimaAtrocidadFilm, a video-story that tells us of dissident sexualities and non-normative bodies: "I come from that time when the video killed the radio star, this video clips always I thought it was suspicious territory, and for more than 25 years as an audiovisual producer I managed to avoid them, for the same reasons that I have never approached advertising, my musician friends know well that with music videos and my current account knows I'm not good at synthesizing, or selling paradises, but on the contrary, I try to talk about what almost nobody wants to hear, it was very unlikely that at this point I would get such an absurd proposal that it would be impossible Say no: "Nacho Vegas wants to collaborate with you, talk about dissident sexualities, non-normative bodies, and it does not matter if instead of a video clip you use something else, sometimes life is a Yes, splendid. It brings you closer to people who make the world less inhospitable. They are offered as bridges between invisible universes, which with much effort for years try to make visible with films against the current. That is the enormous power of narrating with images, of making films beyond the spectacle. Whoever produces the images creates reality. This is how this written story happened, shot and mounted without barely breathing. Built with the powerful community of friends who do not believe in the rules or ask for permission to exist. Those many times accomplices, sharing the same rejection. This is how it was for us "The Last Atrocity" by Nacho Vegas. An opportunity to create together another story against the obvious. Against the daily nightmares that drown and kill. In front of them, another way of contemplating beauty becomes urgent. Other way of understanding relationships, to overcome a system of norms loaded with violence. Our desire is his atrocious failure. "


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