Premiere of the International Ocean Film in the capital of Gran Canaria

Five documentaries related to the ocean were screened at the festival

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

Up to the flag. This is what the Guiniguada theater looked like last night, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, at the premiere in Spain of the
International Ocean Film Toura show in which they were screened
five documentaries related to the ocean.

The presenter Débora Sabina led the proposal, which was developed in two blocks coinciding with the International Day of the Oceans, with a dress made with
recycled materials. She transported the spectators -461 attendees- to the depths of the ocean, for approximately two hours.

The festival kicked off with the short
'The deep med'where the French marine biologist and photographer Laurent Ballesta tells, between impressive images and snapshots of rare species, how a team of four professionals embarks on a 28-day journey, in 4 square meters, to the depths of the Mediterranean.

The second short film shows the reality of equality and parity on the other side of the planet, through the story of Shobe, a 13-year-old girl, in
'Shobe Surfing'. The piece recounts her determination and struggle in Bangladesh to be the best surfer in the country and to be able to dedicate her life to this passion, little understood by her family and her surroundings.

Second block of documentaries

During the second block of documentaries, viewers were able to travel from Germany aboard
'Storm ride' and from the hand of Boris Herrmann. It is the story of a risky solo round-the-world sailing trip, non-stop and without assistance in the legendary Vendée Globe, one of the toughest competitions on the planet.

From the Vendée Glove, the public was able to travel to the frozen bowels of the planet, going down with the glaciologist Alun Hubbard to a 'mill' of a glacier 175 meters deep.
'into the ice' taught the impact of
climate change and the
thawing process and how it affects those of us who live on the planet, through a vertiginous adventure to one of the most virgin places in the world.

The last short projected in this second block was
'Cold water therapy' with a love story for the waves that took Remy, Josh and Jake across the world. These three Australian surfers embark on a quest for the wildest waves to the deserted shores of Alaska, on the other side of the world.

Finally, a video of just three minutes was shown, in which the underwater photographer Carlos Villoch sent a clear and forceful message: under the surface there is a whole universe full of life, a wonderful and exciting world in the depths that you have to know , protect and defend. In a journey through his photographs and his covers in international magazines, Villoch presented some of his exciting journeys in search of the perfect photo, photography tricks and the unknown and interesting world that he has managed to capture with his camera in decades exploring the backgrounds of the planet.

Alicia Herrera Ulibarri, festival guest

At the premiere of the festival in Spain -after this appointment it will tour another 18 cities-, it had the researcher Alicia Herrera Ulibarri as a guest, who showed with videos, photos and data the reality of microplastics on the islands.

Herrera recalled that in the first inventory of marine debris in Alegranza, just 100 meters from Caleta de Trillo, they removed
3,667 objects weighing 321 kilos; 97.7% were plastics, some of them had been in the sea since 1999. The EOMAR group promoter also showed how to help the ecosystem and remedy the consumption of plastics because, as she has confessed, "we are on time" and she has " hope".

Next appointment in Tenerife

After the premiere in Gran Canaria, the International Ocean Film Tour will have a second appointment in the Canary Islands at the
Guimera Theater in Santa Cruz de Tenerife July 14. At its next stop in Tenerife, attendees will be able to see these five works from three continents, documentaries from Canada, Germany, Australia, France and Denmark, selected from more than 200 proposals in Munich, Germany.

This event is carried out through the Canarian production company Kinema Producciones and has the support of the Institute of Cultural Development of the Government of the Canary Islands, with the sponsorship of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the departments of Ciudad de Mar and Tourism of the city , and the collaboration of Teatro Guiniguada, Buceo Norte Dive Center, Bonadea II - Diomedea, Oceanográfico, Latitud Azul Canarias, Oceans4LifeGC, TopTime Eventos, Sea Shepherd Spain, Precious Plastic Gran Canaria, Abissi Moda, Rethink your Garbage, and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria through the Faculty of Marine Sciences and the Sustainability Department.

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