Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Premiere of 'Michelle', a very serious comedy by Luis O'Malley, in Guiniguada - La Provincia

Premiere of 'Michelle', a very serious comedy by Luis O'Malley, in Guiniguada - La Provincia

The Theater Guiniguada finalizes the preparations for a very special session: the absolute premiere of Michelle. The new work by Luis O'Malley is a very serious comedy, played by Mingo Ruano and José Luis Masso, who presents us with a story that borders on the absurd, that will make us laugh, but also reflect on our lives. It will be Saturday, April 13, at 8:30 p.m., in this scenario that the Government dedicates to Canarian production and from which it will begin a tour of the islands.

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Own Luis O`Malley, that in addition to the author is the director of the assembly, presented to the media the details of this new production, accompanied by the actors and the producer, Raúl Morán. Also attended by the general director of Cultural Promotion of the regional government, Aurora Moreno, and the director of the Guiniguada Theater, Daniel Tapia.

The lawyer Maurice Quevedo is in his office with a gun in his hand about to take his own life. At that moment the door is played by a very peculiar character who has no name because it has never been needed. Delirious Quevedo ends up working for that strange character who has decided to denounce the United Nations for what he thinks is a lack of respect for his person. Michelle It is a comedy that borders on the absurd or sometimes even submerges in it. Two characters struggle against impotence, against their own fears and complexes and against unalterable destiny. are we alone in the universe? Are we alone in life?

So begins this play that Luis O'Malley, while Mingo Ruano Immersed in the skin of Maurice Quevedo, a successful lawyer, who enjoys his standard of living. The work begins in a drastic moment in which his personal life is not as exemplary as his professional life and there is that contradiction of the human being, that many times we live facing the gallery showing a perfect life that many would envy, but of doors inside he feels emotional gaps, which make him really question whether it is worth it or not worth living.

José Luis Massó On the other hand, he interprets No, an unreal staff, who speaks and behaves in a natural way, but in the end it is extravagant. He is a surrealist character, so his ways of reacting are a bit strange, there is no referent. The challenge has been to give the character a different corporeality, a series of gestures, movements, voice and attitude of those who try to be who is not.

The weight of the show lies mainly in the interpretation of its two actors. From the naturalness they will approach the absurdity of the text. Beyond the approach of the work, the characters of Michelle: Maurice and No are two normal types in appearance and act, but they hide many mysteries that make them melancholy, comedic, alive and deep at the same time.

Michelle It is an almost comedy that tries since its staging not to stop thinking and then think a lot. As much or more as we do in our daily life.

Luis O'Malley, playwright, director and actor, returns to Guiniguada, after having starred in the session of Domingos de Autor that this scenario linked to another of his works, The art of lying It was performed shortly after by Prophets del Mueble Bar. On this occasion, it premieres and directs Michelle, a new text that comes from the hand of Angulo Producciones, a company that has also given life to two other productions of O'Malley, the theatrical satire The return of Defonte Y The lost caress of Victoria Oramas.

Tickets to attend the premiere are available at and at the theater box office from Tuesday to Thursday from 11.00 to 13.00; and from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the days that there is a function.


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