April 16, 2021

Premiere of Dani Nel·lo's new album | Culture

Premiere of Dani Nel·lo's new album | Culture

Dani Nel·lo presents the continuation of The Wild Saxophonists, an adventure that vindicates the role of the saxophone in popular music in its most visceral and subversive facet. The Savage Saxophonists Vol.II it is a musical proposal beyond the homage: Nel·lo explores the essence of the wild saxophonist and relies on it to develop his own voice. This new repertoire offers thirteen gems in this saxophone tradition that Nel·lo understands as a string of musicians of which he himself is a contemporary link.

The tenor sax was the cornerstone on which the rhythm and blues and the first Rock And Roll. His sound was the first voice of sonic rebellion against the established musical system, breaking social and racial barriers. Although the saxophone had already played a leading role in the era of big bands and in the be bop, it is at the beginning of the 50s of the last century when it emerges as a synonym of youth.

Dani Nel·lo is accompanied in The Savage Saxophonists vol.II of the same sextet of musicians who have worked with him since the beginning of the project, a band that brings together some of the best musicians in rhythm and blues, jazz and rock'n'roll of the state scene.


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