April 21, 2021

Premier: Agüero fulminates Arsenal | sports

Premier: Agüero fulminates Arsenal | sports

Emery can not find the formula against Guardiola. Although he still can not consolidate in the game, nor in the results, it seemed that Arsenal was willing to sneak between the posts of Champions, driven after two good wins, especially in the derby against Chelsea. And that Emery, finally, could sing victory against Guardiola. But no. Arsenal could not against City or what is the same: Guardiola again left nothing to Emery. The Catalan coach faced the Basque in 12 opportunities, a balance of eight wins and four draws. If in Spain Guardiola was entrusted to Messi, in the Premier he does it to Agüero.

Consolidated as the top scorer in City history, Aguero is on fire in the Premier: six goals in the last four games. It cost Guardiola to find the best version of Kun. Last season, the second on the bench of the Blue box, the technician found himself with an impoverished version of 10, more clinging to the past than to the present, without the courage to think about the future. But Guardiola hooked the Kun, key in the last title of the Premier, leader in this City that pursues Liverpool (was two points behind the Klopp team that plays today against West Ham). There are few fierce forwards in the area as the Argentine. If not ask Arsenal, the Argentine signed him 10 goals in the last 12 games.

Always a touch, always attentive to appear in the area, Agüero took a minute to uncork Arsenal. Abominable in the pressure, Laporte recovered the leather and looked for the 10. Testarazo of popcorn to sign the 1-0. He did not get scared at Arsenal. Unlike. And he answered with a blackboard play, as old as football. Center at the near post, Monreal deflected the ball so that Koscielny, in the small area, pushed the leather to the net. Then, it seemed that Arsenal took over the duel, comfortable without the ball, sharp to throw the cons.

And when Arsenal was better, the Kun reappeared. Again, of course, a touch, like the whole City. He broke Gündogan lines to find Sterling, who without hesitation sought the Kun. Aguero in the area, Gündogan in the midfield, they made good a new tactical invented of the technician. Without Kompany and Stones on the bench, Guardiola planted a line of three centers. Of course, as long as City had the ball. If not Fernandinho was placed as central, while Laporte moved to the left wing. No surprises in the rear, the City took advantage of the best De Bruyne, while Agüero was still making goals, although they were illegal, as when he pushed the ball with his hand to seal the 3-1. The Argentine happens with the Gunners Quite the contrary to the Basque coach with Pep. Guardiola is Emery's Everest.

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