July 14, 2020

precariousness, taxes or training and other four news


1. The OECD requires Spain to equalize the labor costs of fixed and temporary contracts. The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has placed duties on Spain in its annual report on structural reforms published this Friday. In this sense, he has urged get the costs for companies from fixed and temporary contracts be comparable. That is, fight against those employers who opt for temporary contracts in an abusive manner with the sole purpose of saving money.

2. Volkswagen and Ford expand their alliance to electric and autonomous vehicles. The German automaker Volkswagen and the American Ford have announced this Friday their decision to expand your cooperation, existing since January in the area of ​​commercial vehicles, from light vehicles to electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

3. The AEB warns that "bigtech" is a problem for the banking sector and the authorities. During his speech at the EduFin Summit 2019, held this Friday in Madrid, Roldán said that these great technologies are a "problem for the sector and the authorities from the point of view of regulation and financial stability ». It has nuanced, though, that "every time I see a challenge for the authorities more than for the banking sector itself."

4. Prices barely rebound by 0.4% in June, its lowest rate since September 2016. Prices have risen by 0.4% in June in the interannual rate, the lowest since September 2016 and four tenths below what was recorded the previous month, as confirmed by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Statistics has attributed this behavior to the decrease in the prices of fuels and electricity in the sixth month of the year.

5. The president of Huawei, to ABC: «We have not yet seen a tangible change of Trump». "We recognize President Trump's statement, but we have not seen any tangible change," he responded to a question from ABC Liang Hua, who once again criticized Washington's veto on Huawei. «We oppose inclusion in the List of Entities ("Entity List"), a measure that is not justified and is harmful to many companies, including American ones, "he said, referring to the White House's ban on dealing with the Chinese firm because of his suspicions of espionage for the authoritarian regime of Beijing

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