May 12, 2021

Pre-agreement on the ERE of Alcoa

Pre-agreement on the ERE of Alcoa

The Alcoa company and the unions have reached this morning "in extremis" a pre-agreement in the negotiations of the file of regulation of employment (ERE) for the plants of La Coruña and Avilés, announced today sources of the Government.

According to the sources, the aluminum producer has accepted the six-month deadline until June 30 for a global solution and invest 20 million euros in the modernization of the facilities, while there is a commitment on the part of the Government to guarantee that all workers relocated by June 30.

The preliminary agreement, reached at 6 o'clock in the morning and that will have to be ratified by the assemblies of the workers, It will be explained in a press conference by the Government, which has ensured that its mediation has facilitated the exit to the crisis.


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