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Prayer of constitutional catalanism

Plegaria del catalanismo constitucional

It sounded plausible and at the exceptional time. The presentation of
The risk of truth
(Planet), memories of Josep Antoni Duran Lleida, in the room Ernest Lluch of the Congress of Deputies was a laudatio of a Constitutionalist Catalanism -Terminal this, today victim of a rapture that narrows it. "The Constitution is also the work of Catalanism," Duran said. In this sense, the act had some political requiem. At least, a prayer for a patient in the ICU, because Duran does not renounce to attend a resurrection of Catalanism. If it does not require, he confessed, of the works of a whole generation.

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He listened attentively to an audience of illustrious, with the presidents Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and former Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana at the head of a large representation of those who were authorities during the long political exercise of the leader of Unió - José Bono, José Blanco, Josep Sánchez Llibre, Vicente Martínez Pujalte, Cándido Méndez ...- and personalities of communication, such as Javier Godó, conde de Godó, editor of The vanguard, and the president of Grupo Planeta, José Creuheras, as well as a visible consular representation. And the president of the Congress, Ana Pastor, the director of The vanguard, Màrius Carol, the journalists Fernando Ónega and Nativel Preciado, and the editorial director of Planeta, Carlos Revés. A council at the height of the long chronicle of political history that are the memories of the exporter of CiU in the Congress, written not so much from the surrender of "When Peru was fucked?" By Vargas Llosa, as from the " How have we come to this? "By Tolkien: pessimism without defeat.

Javier Godó greets Zapatero, in the presence of González and Creuheras

Javier Godó greets Zapatero, in the presence of González and Creuheras
(Emilia Gutiérrez)

Each one glossed the printed words of Duran Lleida, emphasizing the praise of politics as moderation and agreement and the merciless frankness of the description of the characters that it contributes. The risk of truth. A chorus, in short, of praise for how much Spain and Catalonia achieved from politics, and at the same time, I regret harshly for sentimentality, in which nobody is guilty only and not entirely innocent. The author does not steal: "The process is a collective failure. Let no one escape, "said Duran.

"I know half the world and part of the other medium, and I have not seen a process of political self-destruction like that of CiU," lamented Duran. A collapse that is also of two political traditions that he professes: Christian humanism and constitutional Catalanism, victims of successful lies; the main one, that "independence was possible and beneficial". Declared a "fan of the transition, Duran recalled that it has been" the greatest success of Spain in the last three centuries. " The president Ana Pastor signed the diagnosis and prescribed a return to illustration, embodied in the encyclopedia Denis Diderot: "We swallow in a sip the lie that flatters us, and we drink drop by drop the truth that makes us bitter".

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