October 31, 2020

Prague relaunches tourism with a giant table on the Charles Bridge

With a white tablecloth table that runs across the 515-meter Charles Bridge, Prague seeks to turn the page after the tourist season interrupted by the coronavirus, which for several months left this attractive destination empty for visitors from around the world.

“The table is set” is the name of the event organized by the citizen group “Piána na ulici” (Pianos in the streets) and the capital city council.

Of course, the number of people is limited: they can only access as many as places are arranged to sit around this long table, and also all must have registered through the Goout.cz website.

“Anyone who makes the reservation can come and bring something, such as a cake, sponge cake, egg cream, canapés or something similar,” the organizers explain on the website.

“We want to send a signal: that here we live again, and that we welcome again all visitors to Prague who know how to behave and who want to meet the beauties of this city,” explained Petr Hejma, mayor of the first district of Prague .

At the table are not missing the masks of the absent capital city councilors, among them the head of the consistory, the pirate politician Zdenek Hrib, who are in quarantine after the coronavirus was detected in one of the deputy mayor of the city.

The Gothic profile of the Charles Bridge, one of the most emblematic places in Prague, began to be configured 663 years ago by order of King Charles IV, who after consulting with astrologers sought an exact date and time that would lead to a capicua number for the laying the first stone.

Due to its strategic importance, the bridge over the Vltava river has been a silent witness to epic episodes of the defense of the city during several of its sites.

It is also a gallery of statues in the open air, which were added at the beginning of the 18th century, during the reigns of the Habsburgs, José I and his brother Carlos VI, to enhance and enhance this route.

A total of thirty sculptural groups, fifteen on each side of the bridge, make up this gallery, which includes, among others, the Spanish saints Vicente Ferrer, Francisco de Borja and Francisco Javier.


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