March 2, 2021

Practical guide for winners of the Christmas Lottery



If fortune has smiled on you and has been the winner of a Christmas Lottery prizeFollowing the instructions detailed below will be very useful when collecting the award, managing shared tenths, understanding what pinch the Treasury will keep and other practical recommendations.

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Where can I receive the award?

The place of receipt of the award will depend on the amount of it. If it is less than 3,000 euros, it can be collected at any point in the Lottery network administration by presenting the tenth winner and the DNI. If the amount is higher than that limit, the disbursement will be made in the banks authorized by Selae (BBVA, Santander, CaixaBank, and the entities adhered to the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA). The payment will be immediate by means of a bearer check of the tenth or through a transfer to the entity chosen by the winner.

Do I have to open an account at the visited bank?

No, the entity selected to redeem the prize cannot under any circumstances oblige to open a bank account to receive the corresponding money. Neither will you be able to apply any surcharge or commission for paying what corresponds to the corresponding award.

When can I collect it?

It is advisable that you remain attentive to the calendar so that you do not miss the date and, therefore, do not run out of the desired prize, which would end up in the treasury. The prizes can be collected from the day of the draw, specifically, from 6:00 p.m. on December 22, 2020. From there, the deadline begins to run and will expire on March 23, 2021.

If, for example, I have a stake of 10 or 5 euros, how much have I won?

For a single tenth awarded with the Gordo, 400,000 euros are distributed as each series consists of a total of 10 tenths. If you have shared the ticket awarded with the first prize with other people, you will therefore be entitled to 200,000 euros if you have a participation of 10 euros or 100,000 euros if the participation drops to five euros.

Do you have the tax withholding award? What percentage does the Treasury take?

Inevitably, you will be forced to share the prize with the Treasury, institution considered by many as the true winner of the Christmas Lottery. However, this year the news is better as the exempt minimum rises to 40,000 euros compared to 20,000 euros last year. The tickets are exchanged with the percentage of 20% discounted as Lotteries are in charge of entering the corresponding amount to the Treasury. Thus, the lucky ones who have won the Gordo, to which 400,000 euros are assigned per tenth, will suffer a withholding of 20% on a total of 360,000 euros, which is the amount obtained by removing the 40,000 exempt from the 400,000 of the prize . Ultimately, the state coffers are left with 72,000 euros of each first prize and the winner will enjoy a total of 328,000 euros after taxes.

Is it included in the income statement?

The Treasury does not wait for you to make the income statement to enter the part that corresponds to it, but executes the withholding at the same time of collection. Despite this, the taxpayer must indicate that they have been awarded a prize in their return for the corresponding fiscal year. The amount collected for the award is not included in the income tax base and, consequently, citizens who want to apply for any public aid that is calculated and granted based on income and not on equity will not be affected.

If the tenth is shared, how can I certify it?

If you decided to share a tenth with family, relatives or friends, you must first leave your information in writing and collect the photocopies of the Christmas number with the name, signature and amount that each of the participants have paid. Another option to avoid legal problems is to record the purchase in a WhatsApp group with all participants. In this group they must have a photograph of the tenth uploaded and note the name of each participant as well as the amount contributed by each one.

When is a tenth considered impaired?

If your winning ticket has suffered an unexpected “accident” and is broken or damaged, you must bring it to an administration in order for them to review it at State Lotteries and Betting and determine whether or not to collect the prize. If the tenth is very tight, it will be the National Mint and Stamp Factory who will rule on the validity of the same and issue the final verdict. In case the ticket has been decomposed into pieces, you will have to gather the pieces, put them in a plastic envelope and transport it to a Lottery administration.

In case of being married on an income basis, do I have to share the prize with my spouse?

If the winner is married in a community regime, the money obtained through the Christmas Lottery will be of a community nature and therefore will belong to both spouses. Instead, the amount will be the exclusive property of the spouse who acquired it in the event that the marriage has a separate property regime. In the event that the couple is in a separation process, as a prior step to divorce, the award will go to the spouse who bought the ticket, according to the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. From the Legálitas law firm, they point out that for this to happen, the separation must be “serious, prolonged and proven” since it is not enough only with a mere interruption of coexistence.

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