Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

PP warns of "effect called" in Melilla by the decision of the Ministry to allow schooling to non-resident children

As reported by the PP Education Commission of Melilla, "it is inconceivable that the central government endorses the schooling of children in our schools even if their parents do not reside legally in Melilla."

In the opinion of the formation presided by Juan José Imbroda (PP), Melilla "can not be subjected to such a harsh way of schooling minors, our social fabric, our geographical situation and our ratios prevent this from happening because of being asía the battered educational system is going to collapse. "

Therefore, the commission has indicated that "in the name and in defense of resident, legal, contributing, concerned families, who wish the best for Melilla, who fight for the future of society and for the good of their families", has transferred to the Provincial Office of the Ministry several questions to expose the concern among the parents.

"Does the PSOE know how the Melilla classrooms are? Does the central government know the effect it is causing with this and its future consequences? Do you know how many families living in Melilla, with the papers in order, quoted, that are left life so that their children have the best education do not school their children where they want? Do you know how many families have returned to the Peninsula for this reason? Do you know what the Melilla society thinks? Have you asked the teaching teams for their opinion? ", has questioned the PP.

He also asked why for resident families there is a deadline to correct any problem "while these students can do it at any time". For the PP, "it is science fiction what is happening, it is a Provincial Directorate adrift".

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