April 11, 2021

PP tweaks the text of Vox in Madrid and suppresses repealing LGTBI laws, reduction of counseling and actions against ore

The first change is in the heading of the text, where Vox talked about the "signers" of the document. In fact, it also left room for each of the groups' representatives to express their rubric. Citizens, in this regard, insisted yesterday that he was willing to assume certain points but not to sign anything with the Rocío Monasterio group.

Therefore, the PP has changed this issue and has simply put that Vox will facilitate "the investiture of Ayuso" under the premise that the PP candidate and her government partners agree to introduce the points listed. "So, according to the first text of Vox, to which Europa Press had access, that the signatories pledged to support on the first ballot or that "they will openly express their acceptance of the agreement and sign the document".

In the section of 'Prosperity', the PP has eliminated the point that Vox requested to maintain or reduce the total number of councils, vice-councilors and senior positions of the regional administration. It also deletes the reference to paper, which in its opinion, the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC) should have when analyzing the situation of public companies.

Vox wanted this body to prepare a report on "the reasonableness of each of the existing public companies from the point of view of the defense of competition and on the criteria used to determine the corresponding rates, rates and public prices as well as its possibility of obtaining benefits and the possible limitations to obtaining them ".

It also aimed to analyze all the companies in the Community of Madrid and urge the CNMC to analyze their profitability with the aim of "making appropriate divestitures that allow limiting the risk assumed by the Community of Madrid."

What the PP proposes in the document sent to Vox and Citizens is to eliminate agencies, entities and agencies that do not respond to "reasonable criteria for the use of public money", to close entities that do not justify their existence under these criteria and not create no news that does not comply. "

At the point that those of Monasterio asked to audit and supervise the subsidies granted by the Community, the PP aims to, according to this text, evaluate "the socioeconomic impact of public policies and subsidies" granted by the regional government "favoring the transparency, effectiveness and efficiency, thus improving future decision making. "

Regarding Vox's request to create a Family and Birth counseling, Isabel Díaz Ayuso proposes that one of the councils of the new government structure has the competence and the name of Family.

In this first section of 'Prosperity', they also modify the aspects that had to do with foreign relations and aid, and PP reduces them to an "evaluation of the actions in full coordination with the General State Administration".

It maintains, on the other hand, as were the points on the reduction of taxes, rationalize the structure of the public sector or allocate the resources released with the implementation of the measures contemplated in the agreement "to increase the budget available for education, health, aid to dependence and disability aids ".


In 'Freedom of education and thought', the PP suppresses the most controversial point for Citizens and the 'popular', regarding the repeal of the regulations against LGTBIphobia approved in the Community of Madrid in 2016 as well as the requested Parental Pin " to ensure parental compliance with the ideological content to be imparted in the centers ".

What the PP proposes is "to guarantee educational freedom and the right of parents to choose the educational model they want for their children and avoid any interference of public powers in the ideological formation of students." For this, it undertakes to reinforce the transparency of the centers, making its educational projects public as well as the extracurricular themes that they can address annually.

It also states that "the power of educational centers to adapt the training content to the center's ideology will be respected, provided that it is consistent with the principles of freedom of education set forth in the Spanish Constitution."

Also, continuing with the request of Vox in this regard, leaves the party in which it speaks of guaranteeing "the freedom of parents to educate their children according to their moral convictions, as defended by article 27.3 of the Spanish Constitution." But they add the popular that for this "the work of the Inspection of the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid will be reinforced to prevent political indoctrination in the classrooms."

In the 'Compliance with Legality' section, the PP only removes from the Vox text the point that has to do with the actions related to the ore. Abascal's asked to ensure that no foreigner enters a juvenile center without having been determined "reliably their age." In addition, they indicated that if the foreigner did not have documentation, he would remain under the supervision of the Provincial Court.

The PP does not mention the treatment of these minors but it does preserve Vox's requests to "collaborate with the General State Administration to ensure an orderly, legal immigration, respectful of Western culture and linked to the labor market."

In this regard, they want to "guarantee that the State Security Forces and Corps" have direct access to the information available to the Regional Administration on foreigners in an irregular situation. "

Reference is also made to health tourism. "Since the resources of the people of Madrid are not unlimited, collaborate with the General State Administration to ensure strict compliance with the agreements on health care, enhancing the mechanisms for billing and effective collection of health expenditure caused by tourists and / or foreigners in an irregular situation during their stay in Spain ", they maintain the original text.

This document concludes by collecting that they will collaborate with the "competent institutions, Spanish and foreign, in the fight against human trafficking mafias and those organizations that favor the presence of foreigners in illegal situations and the proliferation of organized criminal activities (drug trafficking, street sales illegal, prostitution, trafficking, illegal occupation) ".

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