PP sees the wave against Sánchez unstoppable and the PSOE trusts Torres

The elected president of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, celebrating the victory. / EFE

Podemos criticizes itself and considers that if the left had been united in the elections, it would have twice as many seats

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the incontestable
victory of the PP in the elections last Sunday in Andalusia leaves in the islands
disparate readings with an eye on next year's regional and municipal elections.

A) Yes,
the popular canaries see the beginning of the end of the PSOE in La Moncloa. Canarian Coalition shares with Nueva Canarias and the PSOE that these results
cannot be extrapolated to other communities autonomous because there is still a lot of time for the elections.
We can only do self-criticism and acknowledges that the division has reduced their chances at the polls.

Canary Islands "will not be left behind" in the change that has begun in Andalusia, the president of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands proclaimed yesterday,
Manuel Dominguez, who considers that Moreno's victory "is a clear indicator" of the commitment to a new "political horizon" that society demands "in the face of the debacle that the Sánchez government has established."

Manuel Dominguez (PP)

"The Andalusian political color change will spread to the rest of Spain and the Canary Islands will not be left behind."

For the leader of the popular in the archipelago, the change of color in the Andalusian political map "will spread to the rest of Spain and the Canary Islands will not be left behind."
The PP says, it is an alternative government to Ángel Víctor Torres and indicates that
"We have a plan to govern that responds to the reality and the needs of the canaries in the face of so many mistakes on the left».

His bet is based on "the
good management, good sense and moderationthree fundamental pillars to make the uncertainty and the constant agony that marks the political line and the actions of the left-wing governments that direct the reins of our community and the rest of the country disappear, "said Domínguez.

The wave of the PP

From the opposite position,
the Secretary of Organization of the Canarian PSOE, Nira Fierroacknowledged that the results "are not good" for the Socialist Party in Andalusia, of whom he says that "perhaps they did not know how to get their proposals right" for what he understands that they should do a reflection exercise.

Nira Fierro (PSOE)

"The Torres Government is very strong, in tune with the citizenry and a good connection with the street."

It makes it clear that these results cannot be projected on the islands because
“There is still a long time to talk about waves” and political dynamics have changed rapidly in recent years, making forecasting increasingly difficult.

At the moment, the socialists of the Canary Islands, he affirms, "we are working to revalidate majorities and that the citizens continue to understand that
the PSOE is the party of solutions». In this sense, he adds that
the PSOE of Ángel Víctor Torres «is very strongis in tune with the citizenry and has a good connection with the street».

He reiterates that, in no case, the results of Andalusia can be extrapolated to the islands and insists that, since they renewed their management bodies "we are
with my head set on 2023from the Government providing solutions and from the party organizing the remainder of this legislature to have a majority project».

He criticizes the fact that the PP has brought forward three calls, breaking with the traditional electoral cycle simply for "partisan interest and this is sad, because governments are not thinking about how my political organization can do better."

That, he affirms, has not happened in the Government of Spain because his party "is with its head and heart trying to give answers to citizens." In any case, she is convinced that Pedro Sánchez will exhaust the legislature.

Expected results

Also the president of
Nueva Canarias (NC), Roman Rodriguez, considers that the results of Andalusia «cannot be extrapolated to other realities». In his opinion, the result was "expected and predicted by sociological analysis" and expresses that there is a social majority in Andalusia that "is committed to stability, moderation, and a government that has responded to the critical challenges currently being experienced », reports EFE.

Roman Rodriguez (NC)

"The clear and convincing victory of Moreno's PP in Andalusia cannot be extrapolated to other realities."

For Rodríguez, the popular Andalusian leader has valued something "important", which is that
"To fight the extreme right, you don't have to imitate it» but «insist on your own profiles» and that is the «most important lesson».

The left, on the other hand, "is going to have to make them look at it, because it is evident that strategies must be reviewed," since "not only have they not resisted, but they have retreated," he stressed.

He reiterated that each one "will do what interests them" but it would be "good" if "this was not extrapolated to other realities" because "politics and institutions are very complex," Rodríguez considered.

In your opinion,
«we must bet on stability, trust, rigor, experience and avoid improvisations", which is something that "has become quite clear".

Punishment of populism

the secretary general of the Canarian Coalition (CC), Fernando Clavijothe "good news" of Sunday's election day is the
"remarkable" punishment suffered by populism "To the right and to the left, both Vox and Podemos." He details that the extreme right remains far from his expectations despite the "relevant" bet of the match by Macarena Olona.

Fernando Clavijo (CC)

«The result of the PP shows the wear and tear and the punishment of Pedro Sánchez's policies».

In addition, it highlights that the absolute majority of the Popular Party also shows the
"wear and tear" to the policies of "anything goes as long as you stay in La Moncloa de Pedro Sánchez".

The CC leader considers that it is “very difficult” to transfer the results to the Canary Islands because there is still a lot of time left, both for the general ones and for the regional ones.

Until that moment arrives, their training is focused on the autonomous community and
"concerned" about Madrid's breaches in the great problems of the archipelago, from immigration, the change of position with respect to the Sahara or the budget breaches "that distance us more and more from Spain and the EU and from what is budgeted later not even half are executed".

rejection of division

From the
Parliamentary group of Sí Podemos Canariastheir deputies emphasized that the division of the left has reduced their support.
“When we divide we have the losing», concluded the deputy
Manuel Marrero.

Manuel Marrero (We can)

«This process has meant learning and it is clear that if we are divided, we have the losing»

He stressed that these elections have meant learning and added that in the Canary Islands the different groups of Podemos "are in the process of walking towards the next elections." Marrero indicated that "we have an attentive ear and a fixed gaze so as not to make the same mistakes."

For her part, the parliamentarian
Maria del Rio indicated about that
Citizens “do not like fragmentation”. He recalled that For Andalusia -Podemos, IU and Más País- and Adelante Andalucía would have had 14 seats if they had been united. Separately they have obtained half.

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