PP, Cs and Vox surpass by 4 points to the left in municipal, according to a poll

PP, Citizens and Vox surpass by four points to the left in the municipal ones, an advantage that shoots to twelve points in the set of the capitals of province, according to a barometer of GAD3 for ABC.

The PP would win with 26 percent, followed by PSOE with 25 percent and Citizens with 11 percent, while Podemos and IU fall two points and Vox bursts with four percent.

The 26 percent that the PP would obtain is only one point less than in 2015, when it narrowly exceeded six million votes, far from the nearly 8.5 million in the 2011 elections.

The PSOE continues in second position with 25 percent of the votes in the whole country, a percentage identical to the one registered in 2015.

Citizens would be the third party with 11 percent of the vote estimate in the national team, four points more than in the elections of 2015 but suffered a setback of five compared to the barometer of last February.

In between there has been the emergence of Vox that appears with a four percent global estimate, around 900,000 votes with the same participation in 2015.

We can have a vote estimate of eight percent compared to the nine percent it got four years earlier, and we should add the percentage of UI, which gets four percent, a drop of one point from 2015.

We can more IU lose two points since the last municipal elections.

The barometer was conducted with 1,005 telephone interviews to residents of Spain aged 18 and over between the past 10 and 14 days.


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