PP criticizes the Basque Government to present the history of Euskadi as "a sea of ​​violence in which no one is guilty"

PP criticizes the Basque Government to present the history of Euskadi as "a sea of ​​violence in which no one is guilty"

The general secretary of the Basque PP, Amaya Fernández, regretted that the Basque Government had "bought ETA's story" and reproached her for presenting the history of Euskadi, in an educational program aimed at the classrooms, as "a sea of ​​violence , where, as everyone is guilty, nobody really is "when what has been is" a terrorist band that pretended to practice an ideological cleansing ".

In addition, he has accused the secretary of Human Rights and Coexistence of the Basque Government, Jonan Fernandez, of "lying" when he assures that in the didactic units ETA is not justified, and has asked that he resign or that the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, cease him before "an error of such magnitude".

In an interview with Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, the popular leader has indicated that "the Basque Government has bought the story of ETA, that story in which the left has been abounding for years, which is the political conflict "

"In the end, what they claim is that the result of decades of terrorism in Euskadi ends, in something like a sea of ​​violence, where, as everyone is guilty, nobody really is," he said.

The popular leader has said that fathers and mothers are not willing to "in the classroom there is manipulation with what has been the recent history of ETA."

In his opinion, the Secretary of Human Rights and Coexistence of the Basque Government, Jonan Fernández, "lied" yesterday when he assured that in that didactic unit and in those videos that are intended to be transferred to educational centers "violence was not justified".

In this sense, he explained that anyone who watches the videos can listen to one of the founders of ETA Julen Madariaga "justify the beginning and existence" of the band. "Like amatxu, I am not willing to have characters like Hasier Arraiz or Jone Goirizelaia do as andereño or maisu (professors), one posing as a victim of the violence that has occurred in Euskadi, and in the case of Goirizelaia, who refuses, a again, to condemn terrorism, "he said.


Amaya Fernández has considered that "Basque society has great hope of building a future of coexistence in Euskadi and the Basque PP has a very important function of utility in this". "We want that hope to materialize and, for that, the generation of young people, of our sons and daughters is very important, we can not allow that manipulation of what has been the recent history of Euskadi in the classrooms". pointed.

The general secretary of the popular Basques has insisted on "the need for the Basque school to explain to young people and children what has happened in our land, but we must tell them the truth".

"There has been terrorism here, there has been a terrorist group that has practiced the selective killing of human beings and that can not be justified in any way because the ultimate goal must be the delegitimization of terrorism so that this will never happen again. in our land, "he underlined.

In his opinion, the videos show "how two exetarras mock their criminal trajectory". "Is that what we are going to teach Basque children? We have also seen an exetarra who presents as a sacrifice what the ETA did that killed the first victim of ETA, which was the young civil guard José Pardines ", he has indicated.


In his opinion, "that is manipulating the truth and, when one manipulates the truth in an issue that is so important to the Basques and has been so painful for Basque society, there are only two things that can be done, or their resignation as secretary. of peace and coexistence, or that, who is the maximum responsible for the policies of peace and coexistence in Euskadi, which is the lehendakari lord, would have to sign the cessation ".

"We Basques are eager to achieve that coexistence in freedom, we can not allow the Basque Government, before an error of such magnitude and seriousness, be satisfied to say that now there is a deadline to make contributions and, well, that We will see if they can be touched up, "he added.

In his opinion, "you can not make retouching when you want to move a didactic unit that supports the theory of political conflict because there have not been two opposing sides here". "Here we did not have a terrorist group and, on the other hand, a Security Forces, Ertzaintza, national police and civil guards who practiced violence as equals," he assured.

In this line, stressed that what has been is "a disease of a democratic society that has never used revenge, which has had a Security Forces that have defended the freedoms of the Basques in front of a terrorist group that sought to practice a ideological cleansing, "and that," as is often the case in democratic states, in the end, it has been defeated at the hands of civil society that, increasingly, was confronting the terrorist phenomenon. "

"We can not allow a government, which is representative of all Basques, present recent history as a political conflict, as a sea of ​​violence, where, like everyone else, we are guilty, because nobody really is," he concluded.


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