PP counselors ask Celaá to withdraw education reform

PP counselors ask Celaá to withdraw education reform

The Education Councilors of the PP today asked the Minister Isabel Celaá to withdraw the draft that the Government has drawn up to repeal the Lomce and resume the path of agreement and dialogue that, according to the popular, his party had put on the table to have a better education in Spain.

The Minister of Education of Madrid, Rafael van Grieken, has assured after concluding the meeting of the Sectoral Conference on Education to which the autonomous communities have been convened by Celaá to explain the educational reform, whose draft bill was approved by the Rabbit of Ministers in December.

During the meeting, according to the counselor, the people have explicitly requested the withdrawal of the draft, but also, although it was not on the agenda, there have been allusions to the proposals for decentralization of powers, such as education, although without citing Vox, according to the counselor.

In this sense, the position of the PP is as follows: they believe that the powers of the State should be strengthened, such as the High Inspection, the common curricula but also everything related to the teaching staff.

They therefore consider it necessary to reinforce the powers of the State, without having any repercussions in detracting from the competences defined by the autonomies.

In his opinion, "the State has to exercise the rights it has contemplated in the Constitution, which is to do everything related to the coordination of educational policies."


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