Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

PP, Citizens and Vox ask for the resignation of Ábalos in Congress

The PP, Citizens and Vox have requested the resignation of the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, in the first session of control of the legislature in Congress, and have done so not only from the rostrum but also from the seats.

With shouts of “resignation, resignation, resignation”, the deputies of the PP, Cs and Vox have interrupted the intervention of the head of Transportation that in the control session has been asked up to five times for the controversial meeting with the Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez , at Barajas airport three weeks ago.

The PP deputy Belén Hoyos has demanded the minister to resign “as a liar” and has predicted the fall because “in this series the messenger always ends up falling.”

“Mr. Ábalos, you are not paid to make night excursions to meet an international criminal, you are not paid to wear the raincoat and play the spies, you are paid to carry out the powers of your Ministry”, said the deputy of the PP.

And for all this, Hoyos has predicted to the minister that “the lies” will end up taking its toll.

Another PP deputy Carolina Spain has insisted on the “lies” of Ábalos and, therefore, the need for resignation.

“The worst thing that can happen with a government is to lie, why don’t they ask Ábalos to resign? He has to resign because he is irresponsible and because a minister who lies cannot continue in this government,” said the popular deputy in a Question on the same issue addressed to the Minister of Territorial Policy, Carolina Darias.

Also the deputy of Cs Edmundo Bal has appealed to the resignation of the minister “for all his blunders”.

And he has asked if the Government “will continue to deny” an investigative commission that clarifies the facts.

Bal has assured that “Delcy did get off the plane, went to the VIP lounge flying through the Spanish air and met her 20 minutes.”

The deputy of Cs has followed with a battery of questions to the minister: “Did you talk about something or is it taking a long time to say goodbye? Did you instruct the police not to complete Delcy Rodríguez’s entry into Spanish territory?”

Before these interventions in the control session, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, had already reproached the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that he “received” the minister of a “narcodictadura” and prevented his arrest.

“If you gave the order, you resign; if your vice president, who is Maduro’s delegate, resigns both; if Mr. Ábalos acted for free, you better leave; if the order was given by Maduro to all of you, they can all go together, ”he has claimed.


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