May 12, 2021

PP believes that "is in doubt" that the PSOE says it is a party that "promotes compliance with the law"

PP believes that "is in doubt" that the PSOE says it is a party that "promotes compliance with the law"

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, believes that "it is in doubt" that the PSOE is a political party that "promotes compliance with legality." "In the end you define your actions", he assured this Sunday.

In an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, the number two of the 'popular' has indicated that the training led by Pedro Sanchez "makes it difficult" to see the PSOE as "that historic party that many Spaniards trusted."

"In the end you define your actions, they call themselves workers and they want to raise taxes to the middle classes, someone to say that today the PSOE is a party that promotes compliance with the law is in doubt," he said.

According to García Egea, the President of the Government is "letting roads be cut and that in Catalonia there is talk of Puigdemont, the CDRs and Torra instead of supercomputers". "Instead of going and shielding the Council of Ministers should shield the rights and freedoms of the Catalans," he added.

For the general secretary of the PP, with its measures the chief executive "puts into question the history of success of the PSOE" and "makes many are not represented," as is the case of the Andalusian socialists.


On the other hand, Garcia Egea has referred to other political parties like Podemos, its confluences and Compromis, formations that "put on a different name" but which "are the communists of all life."

"Today, Mr. Santiago Carrillo, who participated, has nothing to do with Iglesias, Iglesias, on the day of the Constitution, had certain disrespect for the symbols that bind you all, if you do not like the Head of State, it is also yours." , has asserted, and then add: "It seems that they are not within the system."

The 'popular' leader has also had words for Vox, the formation led by Santiago Abascal, after his emergence in the Andalusian Parliament with 11 seats. "Not at all," he has responded after being asked if he is concerned about his arrival on the political scene.


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