March 1, 2021

PP asks the lehendakari if he will apply the Coexistence Plan and Human Rights to avoid more tributes to ETA members

In its initiative, to which Europa Press has had access, Barrio also asks the lehendakari for its assessment, within the framework of the coexistence policies of the Basque Government, on the tributes offered to both ETA expressors, and on the "constant presence," reiterated and protagonist of minors in those acts of homage to criminals ".

After requesting information on the number of tributes to ETA members held so far this year, the popular parliamentarian asks Urkullu what measures the Basque Government intends to take so that they are not held in public places, with the presence of minors "plus acts of tribute and exaltation to members of ETA, as victims of terrorism repeatedly demand. "

Carmelo Barrio recalls that on July 27 in the Gipuzkoan town of Hernani the "multi-murderer, member of the ETA terrorist band, aka 'Baldo', received a tribute after his departure from the prison where he has served a sentence for murder , attacks and belonging to the ETA terrorist organization and the next day, 28, supporters of ETA and Bildu publicly received and paid tribute to the criminal, a member of the ETA terrorist band Xabier Ugarte, in the streets of Oñate's Gipuzkoan town. "

After highlighting that the Basque Parliament has already ruled against the tributes "to the murderers", he lamented that "these are repeated frequently in our cities and towns, and in its streets and squares."

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