PP asks the Government for all the scientific reports it has received from the CSIC and other centers since December

Likewise, it claims from the Executive of Pedro Sánchez a copy of the daily notes that the Department of National Security has sent to the members of the National Security Council since November 17, 2019, at which time the first global case of Coronavirus.


Also, the popular ones propose to the Government a contingency Plan to avoid the administrative collapse by the coronavirus by virtue of a Proposition not of Law registered in the Congress along with 30 new initiatives.

With this initiative signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the deputy spokesperson, Mario Garcés, the popular groups are urging the Government to approve said Plan urgently "to guarantee the material and human resources that allow for the application, immediately and effectively, all the extraordinary measures approved to deal with the coronavirus, thus avoiding administrative collapse due to the accumulation of files. "

Likewise, in a new battery of written questions, the Parliamentary Group is interested in the correct provision of the telephone help service and face-to-face help to the Income statement while the state of alarm is in force, in line with the initiative presented the previous day to extend the term of presentation of the IRPF as a result of the state of alarm.

In another series of questions, the popular ones claim to know the number of ERTE and ERE in this month and the average response period for their processing; the expenditure on institutional advertising in the media established in article 19 of the Royal Decree of the state of alarm, as well as the preventive measures adopted by CORREOS for its officials.


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