March 7, 2021

PP and Vox question the death toll and ask the government for explanations

The PP and Vox have questioned this Monday the veracity of the numbers of deaths from coronavirus that the Government is making known and have asked for explanations in Congress for the way in which it is accounting for the data on the death of the virus.

Both formations have called the government to account after learning about what happened in Castilla-La Mancha, where there is a significant gap between the official figures of those killed by the virus and the data from the Civil Registry and burial licenses that the Superior Court of Justice of this community.

The PP concludes that the increase in deaths with respect to the figures that were usual in the month of March has been especially marked in certain provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, but also in Castilla y León, yielding in both cases figures much higher than those registered in the Community of Madrid.

For this reason, both the ‘popular’ and Vox suspect that the number of deaths from coronavirus that is included in the updates published by the Ministry of Health does not agree with the actual number of deaths caused by the pandemic.

In this context, the PP has presented a non-law proposal in Congress, in which it urges the Government to carry out an audit of the number of deaths from coronavirus in Spain, providing data by province, on a weekly basis and broken down by age range, since last March 1.

Specifically, they propose that a total number of deaths be offered for each province, including all the data from the Civil Registry and burial licenses; the expected number of deaths according to the MoMo statistic (the monitoring system for excess daily mortality from all causes); the number of deaths by Covid-19 and registered as such in the accounts carried out by the Ministry of Health, and of those who died with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 but which could not be counted as victims of the disease.


The Popular Group recalls that, according to the World Health Organization, only those cases of coronavirus supported by laboratory confirmation can be counted as positive. But, as “the Sánchez government has not yet been able to provide the necessary tools for the tests to be carried out in all the required cases,” many deaths caused by the virus are not being correctly counted.

“The PP considers that the truth must be the first hygienic measure against the coronavirus. Having reliable and proven data is not only an unavoidable democratic requirement, it is also an essential requirement for the design of an effective strategy for exiting the confinement” , they argue on their initiative.

For its part, Vox has analyzed in detail the data of Castilla-La Mancha and has concluded that “the distortion of data published by the Government during the state of alarm hide between a third and half of the deceased” in this community and “potentially all of Spain, “which, they note,” exceeds any potential margin of error. “

18,800 DEAD BY APRIL 14

“The extrapolation of the official data on deaths, carried out by our experts, as of April 14, could lead us to an approximate figure of 18,800 deaths in Spain as of that date by COVID-19. But if we apply these data to a mere sequence mathematics, and we apply the same distortion already confirmed in the estimates of the Carlos III Health Institute, and the certain data of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla-La Mancha, for national figures, we could be talking about an approximate figure of 24,000 deaths in all Spain for April 14, when accumulating to the extrapolation of official data the data concealment in its foreseeable maximum “, they explain from Vox.

For this reason, the Health spokesman, Juan Luis Steegmann, and the also deputies Rubén Manso, Víctor Sánchez del Real, Juan Luis Steegmann and Manuel Mariscal have registered a battery of questions to the Government in Congress to find out how many deceased people have stopped counting the Government in Castilla-La Mancha and the rest of Spain for not collecting statistics from other official sources.

They also want to know whether the actual number of deaths directly due to coronaviruses has been “consciously hidden”, whether the dissemination of data already in death records from previous weeks has been delayed and why this has been done.


“If the mathematical extrapolation, given the current rate, a week after the official figures would lead to a number of” official “deaths of 18,800, and this would lead to a potential number of 24,000 deaths by April 14: Is it going Will the government continue to hide the potential death of nearly more than 5,000 people by April 14? “says another of his questions.

Likewise, the Vox deputies are interested in whether the Government manages any statistics on deaths from other treatable causes, “but that they have not been able to be attended to in the event of a health collapse” and if they consider that all the institutions with available data should follow the example of “transparency” of which the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla-La Mancha has displayed.

“Does the government know how to add? Does it know how to add its committee of experts? Or do they hide the sums that they have made to the general public? Is the government going to ask for forgiveness for hiding information from the Spanish? Is it going to assume and debug responsibilities of those who have made such deception to the Spanish? “, concludes the battery of questions registered by those of Santiago Abascal.


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