PP and Vox intend to overturn the cut of benefits to electricity companies in Congress

The Popular Party and Vox want to overturn in Congress the bill approved in August by the Government to cut part of the extraordinary benefits of electricity companies, specifically the overpayment that certain plants receive for the high cost of CO2 emission rights.

Spanish energy companies led the profitability of the sector in the EU before the gas and electricity escalation

Spanish energy companies led the profitability of the sector in the EU before the gas and electricity escalation

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With this reform, the Government seeks to cut the income received by nuclear power plants, 80% of the installed hydroelectric power and wind farms prior to the creation of the European CO2 market.

Both formations want to overturn the Government project with two amendments to the entirety, which will force the vice president of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, to defend the initiative before the Plenary of Congress and call for support to pass two votes and continue its processing.

Amendment to the entire PP

On the one hand, the PP has registered an amendment to the entirety with an alternative text to turn the reform around and ‘strain’, if it prospers, the battery of measures proposed by the ‘popular’ to lower the bill of the light.

Among them, the transfer to the General State Budgets of the fixed costs of the invoice, the definitive suspension of the generation tax, the permanent reduction of VAT and the increase in income in the electricity system due to the higher collection of rights of CO2.

Vox: “The nuclear companies are asking for help”

On the other hand, Vox raises directly to Congress the return of the project, so if its amendment is successful, the initiative would end its processing. This formation considers a “confiscation” of benefits by the Government and claims that the measure would push for an “early cessation” of activity in the case of nuclear power plants and “bankruptcy” for many of the hydroelectric plants.

In the amendment to the entirety, Vox defends the electricity companies and their statement warning of the economic and financial unviability of their plants due to the cut in benefits, ensuring that “the nuclear companies are not threatening the Government”, but rather “are asking for help. in order to continue operating “.

Fast track processing

This reform is complementary to the decree law approved last week by the Government and which also addresses extraordinary benefits from these plants, but this time due to the high cost of natural gas.

In this case, the Government decided to approve it through a bill, so it has not yet entered into force. Urged by the escalation in the price of electricity, the Government has asked the Chamber to process this initiative and the National Fund for the Sustainability of the Electric System, which seeks to remove fixed costs from the bill. This route allows each parliamentary processing period to be shortened by half.


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