July 28, 2021

PP and PSOE accuse Cs of "despising" the officials and "taint" the Administration with its motion on the 'dedazos'

PP and PSOE accuse Cs of "despising" the officials and "taint" the Administration with its motion on the 'dedazos'

The spokesman of Economy of Cs, Toni Roldán, has denounced the "brutal colonization" and the "ultrapolitización" of the public institutions on the part of the PSOE through the appointment of high positions of the Administration and directors of public companies.

As has been specified, in the three months he has been in the Government, President Pedro Sanchez has "placed" in the Public Administration "44% of the members" of the Socialist Executive and has appointed "more than 500 plugged." He has expressly mentioned José Félix Tezanos, "the head sociologist" of the PSOE, as president of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), and José Vicente Berlanga (of the PSPV) as president of the National Uranium Company (Enusa), despite that "he has no idea how this company is managed".


Roldán has pointed out that placing "friends" at the head of regulatory bodies has as a consequence "enormous corruption rates", because being "plugged in", probably when they detect an irregularity "they will be silent and look the other way". In addition, he regretted that the promotion of officials has to depend "on the will of the political party" that governs.

In its motion as a result of interpellation – which will lead to a bill -, the orange formation proposes, among other things, to approve a new Statute for Public Management, to generalize appointments through a public contest of merits, including for public managers, submit these positions to a continuous evaluation and link part of their salary to the fulfillment of certain objectives.


But Roldán's intervention has received harsh criticism from the other parliamentary groups, starting with the PSOE, whose deputy María Jesús Serrano has abused him for having appointed specific people, falling into the "personal offense", and has accused him of "doing demagogy "and mix different issues in a" hodgepodge ".

"Let's not manipulate or distort, or stain the Public Administration and democracy," he asked Citizens, before emphasizing that the appointments made by the Government through the procedure of free appointment have not been decided "arbitrarily" and always "they conform to absolute legality."

Also the PP deputy Susana Lopez has lashed out against Albert Rivera's party accusing him of "despising" and "disrespecting" public employees, who work with "impartiality and professionalism." Even so, the 'popular' representative has said that she agrees that the figure of the professional public manager should be developed and that the temporary staff should be reduced.


On the other hand, the deputy of En Comú Podem Joan Mena has affirmed that the Citizens motion seeks to "weaken the public function" and that it intends to undertake reforms in this area without having the trade unions and "skipping all autonomic competences". He has also denounced the "demagogy" and "cynicism" of Cs for not wanting to "supervise the highest official", King Felipe VI, while betting on "precarizing and criminalizing" public employees.

The Citizens' approach has also been censored by the Basque nationalists and the Catalan separatists. For the PNV, Mikel Legarda has lamented the language "totally contemptuous" of Roldán and has refuted some of the premises of Cs. In his opinion, "we can not talk about being plugged in", and using that term is "unfair" and is a "loss of prestige" for career officials appointed as senior officials.

Finally, Joan Margall (ERC) has also referred to the "demagoguery" of the orange formation that "seeks the headline and the easy criticism of the Government" and has defended the appointment of political positions of trust in the Public Administration, while Sergi Miquel (PDeCAT) has told Cs that in Catalonia competition over public workers belongs to the Generalitat.


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