PP and Cs should govern Andalusia even if they are not the most voted list

PP and Cs should govern Andalusia even if they are not the most voted list

The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has assured today that the polls of his party for the Andalusian elections "are good" even though "they are not optimal", and he has promised that if he adds with Citizens, even if none is the most voted force, will try "an alternative government" to the PSOE.

Although he recalled that his party is the one that defends whenever he governs the most voted list, he pointed out that it is the other parties that do not want this reform and that is why he has defended that the PP does not rise "to the ring with one hand behind" in this electoral race.

In an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press, Casado has affirmed that his party is "the only one that guarantees the alternation" to the 37 years of government of the PSOE in Andalusia and has remembered that Ciudadanos supported Susana Díaz "until the day before yesterday".

The popular leader has said he aspires "also to win these elections" in Andalusia, and stressed that the PP "is the party with the most management experience" because it has governed "three fifths" of the municipalities of that region.

"We have to make a change of government in Andalusia and only the Popular Party can guarantee it. (The Cs candidate, Juan) Marín said that he will not agree with (Susana) Díaz … and it is the same thing he said exactly four years ago. years, shortly before concluding with Diaz, "he recalled, and has considered that the orange game has given" breathing assistance "to the Andalusian PSOE for four years.

Asked if he supports the option of governing the Board in coalition with Cs, he has responded that the PP "will try to make an alternative government" and that "the adversary in Andalusia is not Citizens, it is the PSOE".

In addition, he has opined that "it is necessary generationally that there is a change" of government in that community and regretted that it is "the only region in Europe, next to Bavaria, which has not changed its government" in the last 40 years.


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