PP and Cs promise to promote the end of the appraisals, remove accused from corruption and "depoliticize" the Board

PP and Cs promise to promote the end of the appraisals, remove accused from corruption and "depoliticize" the Board

The PP-A and Citizens (Cs) have agreed on the first 21 measures that will be implemented in the first hundred days of a government that runs two parties in Andalusia, among which will drive a draft reform of the Statute of Autonomy for the suppression of the appraisals, as well as the immediate separation of public offices "that have been or are formally charged with corruption offenses, until the final decision of the judicial body", and the implementation of a bill to "depoliticize" the Board .

This is reflected in the six-page document, collected by Europa Press, to which the working group appointed by both parties to reach a programmatic agreement has given the green light this Friday, after holding a new meeting in Parliament to this end from that the elections of December 2 will be held, in order to form a co-government that snatches the PSOE-A Presidency of the Board.

They have also agreed to implement a comprehensive audit of all Board expenses; a decree law to centralize the direction, supervision and evaluation of all the scattered entities of the parallel Administration; create a commission of inquiry on the Andalusian Foundation Fund for Training and Employment (Faffe), and limit eight years of the mandate of the president of the Andalusian Government and the councilors.


The first point that the document contains is that of zero tolerance for corruption, which has been one of the main obstacles in the programmatic negotiation between the PP-A and CS, although they have finally committed to the immediate separation of the parties. public offices in all institutions that have been or are formally charged with corruption offenses, until the final decision of the judicial body. Likewise, they commit themselves so that the people who are in such situation can not be incorporated in the electoral candidacies nor be appointed to public office.

Against corruption, PP-A and Cs have closed the process to approve a bill for the Protection of Whistleblowers and Corruption, which will include an anti-fraud and corruption office. Likewise, they will request in the Parliament to create a commission of investigation on the Faffe, that decayed the past legislature by the electoral advance; besides establishing the necessary mechanisms to recover the money defrauded in the case of the ERE.

Within the bill of depoliticization of the Board, the restriction of the system of free appointment is included, generalizing the system of merit contest for the provision of jobs in the Administration, besides defining the figure of public managers, of technical character, which will always be chosen by public, open and transparent competition for a period of six years between people with proven experience and training for the performance of the position and will be subject to a continuous evaluation of their performance.

In addition to commissioning an integral audit to the Accounts Chamber, as well as the corresponding reports to the Independent Authority of Fiscal Responsibility (Airef), of all the expenses of the Board, including salaries, current expenses and transfers, both in the Administration and in the instrumental public sector, undertake to approve a decree-law to centralize the direction, supervision and evaluation of all the scattered entities of the "parallel Administration" to "eliminate all entities that are considered unnecessary or that have been exposed to the corruption".

Another of the obstacles in the negotiation between popular and orange was placed in the suppression of the appraisals, so that finally they have agreed to approve a project of reform of the Statute of Autonomy of Andalusia with this end "to put an end to such privileges and privileges", as it was the preference of Cs.

Although Vox bets to eliminate one of the two channels of South Channel TV "with the final aim of the suppression of the autonomic television"; The proposal of PP-A and Cs in this sense is to constitute a group of experts that studies the possibilities of redimensioning and improving efficiency in the use of resources by the Andalusian Radio and Television (RTVA), as well as adopting the necessary reforms "to guarantee their professionalism, impartiality, plurality and independence of political power".


In an economic key, measures are included for the implementation of a working group to define a strategy of simplification of regulations and administrative of Andalusia in order to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and facilitate entrepreneurship; the 24-month extension of the flat rate to 50 euros for new self-employed workers and entrepreneurs, and the implementation of a super-reduced tariff of 30 euros for new self-employed workers under 25 years of age and women in rural areas, also for 24 months.

In fiscal matters, PP-A and Cs have agreed to maintain the previous reform of the inheritance and donation tax and to reward 99.9% of the tax quota in the rest of the cases for direct relatives. In the case of donations to direct relatives, all will be reduced to 99%. Likewise, the studies will be initiated in order to lower the regional section of the IRPF and the reversal of the increase in property transfer tax and documented legal acts.

They will also request to meet with the President of the Government to discuss the negotiation of the new model of Autonomous Financing, as well as the celebration of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF), and will initiate the procedures for a Strategic Plan of Competitiveness for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development.

In a block on training and human capital, they include an Andalusian educational reinforcement plan; initiate a legislative reform to recognize the status of authority to Andalusian teachers, in addition to the procedures for an Andalusian Vocational Training Project that opts for Dual Vocational Training and includes a plan for its promotion that guarantees full coverage of the demand, as well as launch the check-training system.


Along with this, PP-A and Cs are committed to approve a shock plan to improve the quality of Andalusian public health and the effective reduction of waiting lists, betting on transparency and depoliticization of the Andalusian Health Service "for that is led and managed by the best professionals, finishing with the appointments to finger ".

They also include increasing funding in Primary Care in order to achieve 20% of health financing at the end of the term, reverse the model of the drug auction, implement colon screening and eliminate salary discrimination among physicians due to exclusivity. .

Finally, they want to initiate the approval of a comprehensive bill to support Andalusian families that includes an increase in the coverage of children's education from 0 to 3 years; the drafting of the Early Warning Act and the creation of a disability commission in Parliament. In addition, approve a plan to improve the management of migration policy in Andalusia and promote a large agreement against gender violence.


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