July 25, 2021

PP and Cs criticize the Government for a statement by Junqueras on TVE rejecting violence from jail

PP and Cs criticize the Government for a statement by Junqueras on TVE rejecting violence from jail

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, was one of the first to react once the historical program of the public broadcaster had announced its intention to issue such statements in the early hours of Saturday afternoon.

Casado said, through a message on his official Twitter account, that he finds it "shameful" that TVE issues "an interview with an inmate implicated in the coup against the state that the separatist movement intended." "Is this the television they want? He wondered.


For his part, the president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, has criticized that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, "skipped by decree" the public contest in RTVE to "interview a prisoner prosecuted for embezzlement and rebellion", with which , according to him, he is able to whiten "his partner" to prepare "an infamous pardon".

Just as hard has been the spokesman of the orange formation, Juan Carlos Girauta, who said that, thanks to the status of "partner" who calls "doctor Sanchez ', the prisoners" for very serious crimes "have access to" television public of all Spaniards. "

In response to these statements by both parties, the companion of rows of Junqueras and deputy of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), Gabriél Rufián, has stated that, both the PP and Citizens, "they are more bothered by the interview of a Democrat like Junqueras in TVE that the party of a torturer like Billy the Kid in a police station ".


Regarding the declarations finally issued by public television, Junqueras has declared his "obligation to govern for all", at the same time that he has referred to the political program with which his formation was to the elections and in which he spoke of "Reestablish a bilateral relationship with the State".

He has also admitted that "everyone" could have done better, including himself, and that he does not like noise or gesticulation, since, for him, "they are useless". "I trust that the energies will be dedicated to what serves the citizens most," he added.

In parallel, the number two of the regional government when the referendum on October 1 was called, has stressed that "now and always" will reject "any violent expression." "With incidents nothing is achieved," he concluded.


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