PP and Cs agree to separate from public office charges imputed for corruption

PP and Cs agree to separate from public office charges imputed for corruption

PP and Cs have reached an agreement on "development and prosperity" for the future government of the Junta de Andalucía that provides, among other measures, the separation of any public office that is "formally charged" for a crime of corruption.

According to the two parties informed today in a joint statement, the agreement provides that the separation of the accused from public office will be made "until the final decision of the judicial body, in addition to that" people who are in such situation can not be incorporated in the electoral candidacies or be appointed to public office. "

The document cites that they will implement the law project of Depolitization of the Junta de Andalucía, "that guarantees the professionalism, impartiality, responsibility and honesty of all the people at the service of the Andalusian public institutions".

In addition, they agree on the "reduction of the high positions of the Junta de Andalucía to the strictly necessary, that the high positions of the Junta de Andalucía will have exclusive dedication in their work for all Andalusians and will not be able to charge per diems for attending their meetings "

The agreement also provides for defining the figure of public managers, of a technical nature, differentiated from senior positions, of a political nature, and establishing salary tables that order and rationalize the remuneration of senior officials and public managers of the Junta de Andalucía.

"All of them will be charged in reference to the salaries that are established annually for analogous positions in the Government of the nation, without being able to surpass those that are foreseen for the latter," explains the document, which also shows an Andalusian bill of Protection of Whistleblowers from Corruption Fraud.

This project must include "the protection and protection of the rights of all persons who report possible irregularities and fraudulent or corrupt actions by the persons at the service of the Board".

They have also agreed to abolish the Consultative Council, whose function will be developed by the legal services of the Board, and to constitute a group of experts "to study the possibilities of redimensioning and improving efficiency in the use of resources by Radio and Television. of Andalusia (RTVA), as well as the necessary reforms to guarantee their professionalism, impartiality, plurality and independence ".

Other measures include a comprehensive audit of the Andalusian Chamber of Accounts, "as well as the corresponding reports to the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIREF), of all the expenses of the Junta de Andalucía, including salaries, current expenses and transfers. , both in the Administration and in the instrumental public sector, with the aim of reducing or redirecting superfluous spending to the financing of essential public services ".

The joint statement includes the request for the creation in the Andalusian Parliament of the Research Commission of the Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (FAFFE), and the commitment to promote the creation "of all those Commissions of Investigation in the Parliament of Andalusia that are necessary to clarify and know the use of public funds of the bodies of the Board ".

Also commit to establish "the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the recovery of money defrauded with you".

It also establishes that they will work to "improve and dignify working conditions and the rights of Justice officials in Andalusia to guarantee a quality public service", guaranteeing "the coverage of sick leave of officials and workers of the Administration of Justice of Andalusia, as well as the necessary reinforcements in the different judicial offices "to" avoid judicial collapse due to lack of human resources ".


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