PP and Ciudadanos point to a tripartite in Catalonia while ERC accuses Sánchez of prioritizing votes over lives

It is not usual for Congress to be active during the campaign period, although the elections are autonomous; but the plenary session and the competition of the Catalans have coincided this week. The electoral struggle has moved to the hemicycle. PP and Ciudadanos have taken the opportunity to point to a tripartite in Catalonia, which includes the PSC and ERC, while the Catalan Republicans mark more and more distances with the Socialists, to whom until now they give parliamentary support. Pedro Sánchez has not hesitated to defend Salvador Illa as a candidate for the Generalitat and has advocated a "change" in the Government that allows "leaving behind" a decade "of decadence."

Sánchez assures that Abascal "shows more state responsibility" that married

Sánchez assures that Abascal "shows more State responsibility" than Casado

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Despite the fact that both ERC and the PSC deny that they will share the government in Catalonia, PP and Ciudadanos are clear that this will not be the case. "While they dedicate all their efforts to fight among all of you and to close agreements between ERC and Illa for the future tripartite, what Spain is suffering is the third wave," the PP spokeswoman, Cuca Gamarra, has reproached the government. Deputy Macarena Montesinos later continued along the same lines: "Just as Vox is a sad pawn on the board of the Frankenstein Government - he has affirmed about the abstention that allowed the Government to save the decree of European funds - he has left everything well tied for Illa to serve as an ERC troupe ". "You are the ambassador of all of them", he has reproached the Minister of Territorial Policy, Miquel Iceta, of whom he has lamented "such an unpromising start than assuming a portfolio as a consolation prize" in reference to his step aside to leave to Illa as the headliner. "At this point they are not fooling anyone. It is known by all that PSC and ERC are the same because Sánchez at the time chose the independentistas to be able to govern," the conservative parliamentarian concluded.

The leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has also taken advantage of her 'face to face' with Iceta to reproach the socialists who intend to govern with ERC. The proof, for her, is that this Tuesday they voted together on a Republican motion that advocates resuming the dialogue table that they agreed with Sánchez in the negotiation of the investiture. "They approved resuming the blackmail table for after the elections to talk about the same: referendum and privileges for the leaders of the you process. They are recognizing that in the next government they will be with ERC because if not, that table is not understood, "said Arrimadas.

While PP and Ciudadanos accused Iceta as the head of the PSC of "dancing to the sound of independence", ERC staged the break with the socialists and JxCat considered "asymptomatic" some principles of which the Government presumes. ERC's spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has once again marked the distance with the Socialists, who in recent days have made clear both Oriol Junqueras and the candidate, Pere Aragonès. "It bothers us that they prioritize votes over lives," Rufián has reproached Sánchez in reference to the opposition of the Socialists - and later of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia - to the delay of the Catalan elections on February 14. "Next time present yourselves in coalition", he has ironized.

"Your judges have called the elections, but I can assure you that the Catalans will decide who wins and I can assure you that you are not going to turn the Generalitat de Catalunya into a Moncloa office", Rufián has sentenced in his question to the president. Sánchez, for his part, has not hesitated to praise Salvador Illa as a candidate: "He is going to face the greatest economic, social and health emergency." He has also made clear his distance from the independence movement, which, in his opinion, will "offer more of the same to what the Catalans have suffered during the last ten years." "Hopefully there is a change in Catalonia, turn the page, look to the future and stop looking at the past," he has settled.

Iceta has also taken the opportunity to hit the independence movement in its own division by reminding JxCat that ERC supported the budgets at a time, in addition, in which the Republicans have raised the tone against the PSOE before the polls that place those of Carles Puigdemont in the fight for the first position: "Demand your opinion from the ERC group, which was not shy about approving these budgets because they complied with Catalonia." "He tells me that this Government is incompetent, that it does not comply. This Government needs an interlocutor committed to dialogue," the PSC leader also told the JxCat candidate, Laura Borràs.

In an interpellation defended by Rufián, Iceta has also spoken about the change of the PSC regarding the right to decide. "At that time he renounced any excursion to anywhere by a certain path that requires consensus that today is not given for a constitutional reform," the minister concluded.


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