July 26, 2021

PP and Citizens demand that Congress investigate “the relationship” between Maduro and Sánchez after the controversy of Ábalos

The Popular Party and Citizens announced Monday that they will make a formal request to create a commission of inquiry in the Congress of Deputies “on the relationship between the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela and the Government of Pedro Sánchez”, after the controversy generated last week by the meeting held by the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, with the Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, at the Madrid airport.

At a press conference after the PP Steering Committee, the secretary general of the popular, Teodoro García Egea, has baptized the controversy as “the Ábalos case” although he stressed that “the Ábalos case has become the Sánchez case”. “Mr. Ábalos has lied and Sanchez has lied,” added the ‘number two’ of the PP who has insisted that his training wants to know “who authorized the vice president of Venezuela to step on Spanish soil” and “who allowed him to get off the plane .

The PP will request information “about all the people who participated in the operation”. However, García Egea has already drawn a conclusion from what happened, and that is “who presides over this government is not Sánchez, we can.”

At the request to appear at the Congress of both Ábalos and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, the popular will add the petition so that the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, will also appear. In addition, the PP wants to know “what position does the Government have on the situation in Venezuela?” or “what does the Government of Sanchez owe Maduro for not receiving Guaidó but going to the race to prevent the vice president from being arrested?”

Nor does Ciudadanos want the PSOE and the Government to turn such a quick page on the case of Minister Ábalos and his “clandestine” meeting at Barajas airport with the vice president of Nicolas Maduro, Decyl Rodríguez. This Monday after the meeting of the Manager, its spokesman, Melisa Rodríguez, has assured that they will join the PP to promote an investigation commission in Congress to clarify the facts and put “light on all this murky matter.”

Rodriguez has assured that his party “does not trust” the various and numerous contradictory versions that the Minister of Development and Organization Secretary of the PSOE has given these days, so he will ask you to go to this commission to tell “the truth” . The novelty is that now they also want me to declare the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to give his face on a case that seems “scandalous.”

Citizens will wait for these appearances to decide if they ask for the resignation of Ábalos as the PP and Vox have already done. “First we will listen to what version the minister gives us and then we will see and make a decision,” Rodriguez said. That will not make, for the time being, the other request made by the group of Inés Arrimadas so that Ábalos goes first to the Foreign Commission of the lower house, a commission that has not yet even been constituted.

Along with that, the parliamentary group last week recorded a battery of questions about the meeting of Ábalos and the Venezuelan leader for the Government to respond in writing. The spokeswoman of the manager has taken the opportunity to criticize that Sánchez has not received this weekend the “legitimate president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, while he is willing to meet with Torra to whom the general secretary of the Parlment of Catalonia has just withdrawn his condition of deputy.

The president of the PSOE, Cristina Narbona, considers instead that it is not necessary for Ábalos to give more explanations about her meeting with the Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, at the Madrid-Barajas airport last Monday night. He has assured that he has already given explanations “exhaustively”.

Narbonne has appeared in Ferraz after the meeting of the Executive Committee, something that usually does Ábalos. The president of the PSOE has indicated that she has received the “endorsement” of the management and that no “additional” explanations have been necessary on what happened. In addition, he argues that it is the “right” that is giving greater relevance to this matter by turning it into a “scandal” something that, in his opinion, is not. He has also rejected that they have to do “self-criticism” on how this crisis has been managed in which Ábalos’ explanations have been providing more and more details about what happened and that, on some occasions, have been contradictory.

“He has acted according to our commitments as a country within the EU and taking into account that there is a relationship with the Government of Venezuela,” Narbona said, recalling that Juan Guiadó is “the president in charge of calling elections” while that the regime of Nicolás Maduro continues to be recognized diplomatically since Venezuela has an ambassador to Spain, and vice versa.


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