PP and Citizens cross out the budgets of "illegals" with false arguments

PP and Citizens cross out the budgets of "illegals" with false arguments

PP and Citizens have decided this Wednesday to stir up the idea that the Budgets agreed between the Government and United We Can are some "illegal" accounts. During the session of control to the Government that has taken place in the Congress so much the leader of the popular ones, Pablo Casado, as the one of the orange party, Albert Rivera, have made mention to that supposed illegality of the public accounts that Pedro Sanchez sent on Monday to Brussels.

The argument used by the president of Citizens to launch this accusation is that the Executive raises its budgets with a path of deficit of 1.8% despite the fact that Sanchez failed to approve it in the Congress of Deputies, so, according to Rivera , the President of the Government will present in Brussels and in Parliament some budgets with a path that has not been approved in Spain. However, this information is false, since the Government has made it clear that the 2019 accounts that will be registered at the beginning of December will be based on the deficit path approved by the PP, of 1.3%.

The spokesman for Citizens, José Manuel Villegas, raised this idea of ​​"illegal budgets" before entering the Plenary. "Anyone who would pose a problem to the country would be the government if it proposes illegal Budgets, Mr. Sánchez has to assume that he was unable to approve the deficit path with the ceiling of expenditure, nor his current partners voted for it. the Government does but we hope that it does not commit the illegality of presenting some illegal budgets, "he said.

Later, during the control session, Pablo Casado was the first to mention this illegality of the accounts, although for his part no argument was provided to sustain that accusation. "This is the first time that Budgets are presented without approving a ceiling of expenditure in this Chamber, illegally," he said.

Rivera was the one who, during his question shift, described as "fake" the document of the budgetary framework that Spain sent to Brussels on Monday. The argument of the leader of Citizens is that it has been drawn up with the deficit path of 1.8% that the European Commission authorized and that the Spanish right has blocked in Parliament.

"It does not respect this House, this House has not approved 1.8%, it will bring a path of 1.8%," said Rivera about the possibility that the Executive present accounts in Congress with the margin to the deficit that has not yet been approved. However, the Government has made it clear that Parliament will take the budgets with the deficit path that is currently in force.

"We are going to present the General State Budgets in December with a path of stability that is recognized by this Parliament until it is revised and that the PP and Citizens stop obstructing a law that is won by the parliamentary majority," Sanchez has answered about the blockade of the right to the modification of the budget stability law with which the Executive seeks to eliminate the ability to veto the PP in the Senate.

Also the Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, had anticipated announcing the budgetary framework that the accounts that will finally lead to the Parliament will be prepared with the deficit path of 1.3% approved by Rajoy. "It is not so crucial for budgets," said Montero, who insists that for the General State Administration the five-tenths of margin on the path that Rajoy got especially give air to communities and Social Security (2,500 million, respectively) while for budgets it translates into 1.2 billion for expenditure.

At the end of the Plenary, number two of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, avoided clarifying if his party considers that the accounts are illegal. However, he launched another accusation against sure that it is directly the Executive of Sanchez who "lacks legitimacy of origin" for having come to power thanks to the votes of the independence, as explained in statements to journalists. However, the motion of censorship with which the PSOE snatched the Government to the PP is a mechanism provided for in the Constitution.


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