PP and Citizens ask that the Minister of Transport give explanations about the train cornered in a fire

PP and Citizens ask that the Minister of Transport give explanations about the train cornered in a fire

The PP and Ciudadanos believe that the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, must give "urgent" explanations for the incident that occurred last Tuesday with a medium-distance train that covered the Valencia-Zaragoza route and that was stopped due to the fire in Bejís (Castellón). That incident caused twenty people to be injured, several of them seriously. Some travelers suffered burns when they decided to get off the train once it stopped with the idea of ​​going back due to the fire. Alberto Núñez Feijóo's party wants these explanations to be given by the minister in the Senate, and that of Inés Arrimadas, in Congress.

The leader of the PP has assured from the town of Porto do Son, in A Coruña, that "it is evident that there has been a mistake, and a serious mistake, that has put human lives in danger" and later asked himself "why not The driver was notified and the railway was not cut.” However, he wanted to be prudent and pointed out that "without prejudging guilt, we need explanations from Renfe, Adif and the Generalitat Valenciana", showing his understanding of the weather conditions that existed that day, with gusts of wind that spread to a unexpected speed fire. But later he has argued that with such a strong wind the railways and circulation should have been sealed until the risk diminished.

For its part, Ciudadanos has registered in Congress the “urgent” appearance of the minister to explain “the circumstances of the incident that affected the train that covered the Valencia-Zaragoza route due to the fire that occurred in Bejís (Castellón) last August 16th".

The Arrimadas party has pointed out that, although it knows that the minister has pending an urgent appearance requested at her own request since last July 28, this "has not yet occurred." "From Citizens we understand that it is a perfect occasion for her to appear now and give an account of the appropriate explanations," they say.

The request to appear was previously announced by Inés Arrimadas from Rota (Cádiz), where she described the images of passengers leaving the medium-distance train as "distressing" in the face of the proximity of the flames and warned that "it could have been a misfortune of incalculable magnitudes”. For all these reasons, she believes that the minister has to give "many explanations" to find out why that train was circulating in the area where the fire was taking place. "If there were no more human misfortunes, it was a miracle, but many explanations have to be given," she warned.

According to Arrimadas, this fire "is not an isolated case." “Spain is a country that is very vulnerable to forest fires”, which is why it has requested that a national plan for fire prevention and rapid and coordinated action be launched “between all administrations. "This must be a national priority," he insisted. "We have to get down to work, what cannot be done is for the Government to blame the autonomous communities and they wash their hands and blame the councils", he pointed out.

The leader of Ciudadanos has added that "this year is the worst in memory, with high temperatures and drought, and we have to get to work", and has boasted that her party is one of the few that defends that there is “two factors originating from the fires”, on the one hand “climate change and extreme weather events” and on the other, “the abandonment of the countryside” and the failure to clean forest areas in winter, something that, as is being verified, “has consequences”.

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