Pozoblanco, Prosecutor's Office asks members of La Manada for 7 years

Pozoblanco, Prosecutor's Office asks members of La Manada for 7 years

The Prosecutor of Córdoba has asked for the four accused members of the WhatsApp group of 'La Manada' in the case opened in the Court of Pozoblanco penalties of three years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse towards a young woman inside a vehicle , four more years for another crime against privacy and for one of them, the last driver, a fine of 720 euros for causing minor injuries, in these events that occurred days before the case of the Sanfermines of 2016, specifically in May.

The Public Prosecutor also requests for the victim as civil liability a joint and several compensation that the defendants must pay 4,500 euros for his cure and 6,000 more for the moral damages caused, as reported by the Superior Prosecutor of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in based on the provisional rating document.

The events occurred on the night of May 1, 2016 and they were made public in September 2016 in the investigation of the case that was being carried out in Pamplona and in which the four defendants in this case and one more member of the aforementioned group were involved.

Thus, the investigations led to "the location of the recording of sexual abuse carried out inside a car to the victim", through one of the defendants' mobiles, images that were sent by A.M.G.E. to the file of the 'chat' 'La Manada', at 7.45 hours, composed of four defendants and three more people and the video is also sent to the 'chat' called 'El Peligro' at 7.52 hours, formed by one of the defendants, JAPM, and 20 others.

In addition to the prison sentences requested by the Prosecutor's Office, it also requests for the four defendants the prohibition to communicate or approach the victim in any place where he is or frequent or at his home at a distance of less than one hundred meters for eight years for the crime of sexual abuse and another nine years for the crime against privacy by giving audiovisual images or recordings to third parties without their consent when the disclosure seriously undermines the personal privacy of that person.

In particular, the defendants A.J.C.E., J.E.D., J.A.P.M. and A.M.G.E. They went to the fair of the Cordovan town of Torrecampo on the night of May 1 and they met in one of the nightclub booths with the girl who had also traveled from Pozoblanco to the town in the company of other friends.

The prosecutor's statement relates that during the course of the night they all consumed various alcoholic beverages and the young woman came to take some drinks with the defendant A.J.C.E. At the closing of the booth, about 7.15 hours, all meeting at the door, A.J.C.E. he offered to take the young woman to his home in Pozoblanco, in the vehicle in which the four accused had arrived.

"Deep unconsciousness"

The car was driven A.M.G.E. and J.A.P.M. he occupied the seat of the coopilot, the other two accused the rear seats and the girl stood in the center between them. "Due, probably to the amount of alcohol ingested – it indicates the writing – without it could have been determined, if in addition to it, took of deliberate form or without knowing it, some other narcotic substance, the girl fell in a state of deep unconsciousness , to the point of not remembering what happened in the journey of the vehicle ".

Inside the car, as shown in the video made by JAPM, with the previous concert of all of them, "take advantage of the fact that the young woman was deprived of meaning, all the accused, with libidinous spirit, began to perform various touching of character sexual, including the driver. "

Arriving in Pozoblanco, three of the accused got out of the vehicle and joined as driver AJCE, who continued the march with the girl a few more streets and when she woke up asked him to perform a fellatio, which she refused, according to details the Public Ministry. At this time, the defendant A.J.C.E. "with the intention of undermining his physical integrity," according to the qualification, he hit her in the face, punched her in the arm and pushed her out of the car while shouting "bitch".

After this, the victim was aware of these videos four months later, when they were made public, and as a result of both the events and the media and social exposure that derived from the treatment and dissemination made by the media and social networks, the injured party He suffered traumatic stress and needed 90 days to recover.

Withdrawal order and background

The procedure that will lead to the prosecution of those investigated in this case comes after in June 2018 the same juzal pozoalbense imposed on the four investigated the ban of approaching less than 500 meters from the complainant and communicate by any means with her.

It should be recalled that the Second Section of the Hearing of Navarre already condemned the five members of this group to nine years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse in the Sanfermines of 2016, in a sentence confirmed by the Superior Court of Justice of Navarre, although they remain at liberty, pending a firm resolution.


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