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Rosalia at her concert in Barcelona, ​​this Saturday.

Said Barcelona and Sant Jordi bellowed, fifteen thousand throats did it in unison, ending the wait that in some cases exceeded seven hours. But nothing mattered, there it was and I think of you look opened the concert of Rosalia. Incredible, a crowd chanting bulerías by soleá, and she, excited, cried covering her face with those hands elongated by endless nails. Red, tight on a body which showed his legs, set in stockings, between which hung the long black belt that hugged his hips. Red, the color of confidence for a throne woman who with her presence alone, already in those first moments of spectacle, filled the stage. Pallet It resonated in second place and the rumbling lows remembered that yes, Rosalia is a today that tastes like tradition, race and truth.

Diaphanous stage, as if removing objects that prevent seeing it, centered, surrounded by six dancers, two palm trees, red, two showgirls, black, and a single musician, El Guincho, today it is not necessary to display a full sound. After doing a voice demonstration with From early morning, the queen requested that the mobiles be seen, and a frost of white light covered the bleachers as if a sudden frost had fallen from the sky. A guitar sampled by bulerías, yes, sampled bulerías started May the moon not rise, one of the songs on the second album, the backbone of a concert in which not all songs have seen the light, case From early morning, because today the songs send by right, something that seems modern but that actually goes back to the beginnings of pop and rock, when the elepés only collected previously edited singles. Songs, songs like Damn, I complain flamenco with the whole pink stage and the mane of the loose cantaora, moved by the air, like a mermaid set in glitters that shone from the ears, fingers and teeth.

But this queen, mermaid, pharaoh and diva is flesh and blood. And from the street, from the neighborhood. He said that flamenco "I like more than pizza" and therefore wanted to recover Katherine, a popular piece, some tangos that sink into the memory of the last century that he recorded on his first album with Refree and that he sang a cappella in a chilling interpretation that silenced the crowd. Little more or less as it happened later with Although it is night, where his voice reigned again, flamenco, clear, powerful. Not in vain they say that when Pepe Habichuela heard her sing she said she was doing it like an old woman. An old woman with a young voice capable of bringing tradition to the digital world without losing a shaft and meaning, mixing it with other sounds without forgetting even Las Grecas, from whom she made her particular version of the I am loving you madly.

And that coming and going from one place to another being always in his, that living in flamenco, without forgetting the electronics or the regetón make Rosalia what it is, a reflection of our times, a sample of unprejudiced permeability of the networks social and of a new world in which she imposes respect for traditions, whether from here or there, all at the end of us, of Latin Pálpito. And to think that there were those who criticized his street Catalan when he is taking the Catalan rumba to the world with a Millionaire that spread joy for him Sant Jordi as if she herself was a cornucopia.

His most danceable successes presided over the final part of a concert in which he did not change his clothes, he only put on black glasses in Brightness. No more was needed. They rang With height, Aute cuture and closed with Badly that Sant Jordi wanted to sing in full, although he would have done it by right anyway, because yes, because it is already a song whose impact will not be forgotten. The same impact that Rosalía herself has had, an artist who has a voice, an oceanic charisma and dominator, songs that are born as a simple desire and intention to take them wherever she wishes. It is the new soul of a country that refuses to be stale, old and parchment. Rosalia, with height in a concert that will not be forgotten.


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